The Physical Educator Vol. 73 No. 1

tpe-dsTools for a Formal Mentoring Program: A Guide Every Mentee in Coaching Can Use
Vincent Lyons and Donna Pastore

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A Comparison of the Fitness, Obesity, and Physical Activity Levels of High School Physical Education Students Across Race and Gender
Kathryn L. Davis, Janet R. Wojcik, Christi S. DeWaele

Teacher-Led Change in Secondary School Physical Education
Jay Cameron, Kevin Mercier, Sarah Doolittle

Appropriate or Inappropriate Practice: Exercise as Punishment in Physical Education Class
David Barney, Francis T. Pleban, Matt Fullmer, Rachel Griffiths, Kelsey Higginson, Dez Whaley

Influence of Acculturation and Professional Socialization on Preservice Teachers’ Interpretation and Implementation of the Teaching Games for Understanding Model
Catherine E. Vollmer and Matthew D. Curtner-Smith

Preparing Adapted Physical Educators to Teach Students With Autism: Current Practices and Future Directions
Sean Healy, Joann P. Judge, Martin E. Block, Eun Hye Kwon

Teachers’ Perceptions of Using Movement in the Classroom
Sarah Benes, Kevin E. Finn, Eileen C. Sullivan, Zi Yan

Which Lifelong Activities Are Held in Highest Regard by Physical Education Stakeholders in Michigan: Can Stakeholders Agree? A Delphi Study
Ray Allen, Marcia J. Mackey, Benjamin R. Rollenhagen

Effects of Requiring Physical Fitness in a Lecture-Based College Course: Students’ Attitudes Toward Physical Activity
Keri A. Esslinger, Amanda R. Grimes, Elizabeth Pyle

Physical Education and Recess Contributions to Sixth Graders’ Physical Activity
Ashley A. Gutierrez, Skip M. Williams, Margaret M. Coleman, Deborah A. Garrahy, Kelly R. Laurson

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