The International Sports Law Journal Vol. 15, Issue 3–4, 2015

Jack Anderson


Can I please have a slice of Ronaldo? The legality of FIFA’s ban on third-party ownership under European union law
Johan Lindholm

Compatibility of fixed-term contracts in football with Directive 1999/70/EC on fixed-term work: the general framework and the Heinz Müller case
Piotr Drabik

New issues in the labour relationships in professional football: social dialogue, implementation of the first autonomous agreement in Croatia and Serbia and the new sports labour law cases
Vanja Smokvina

The EU, the Revision of the World Anti-Doping Code and the Presumption of Innocence
Jacob Kornbeck

A tale of two codes: the Australian Football League and National Rugby League drug controversies
Chris Davies & Neil Dunbar

Distributive injustice: an ethical analysis of the NCAA’s “collegiate model of athletics” and its jurisprudence
Richard M. Southall & Richard T. Karcher

Racism in European football: going bananas? An analysis of how to establish racist behaviour by football supporters under the UEFA disciplinary regulations in light of the inflatable banana-case against Feyenoord
Michiel Adriaan de Vlieger

Open Access
Debating FIFA’s TPO ban: ASSER International Sports Law Blog symposium
Oskar van Maren, Antoine Duval, Raffaele Poli, Ariel N. Reck, Daniel Geey, Christian Duve & Florian Loibl

Book Review

Questioning the (in)dependence of the Court of Arbitration for Sport
Antoine Duval

Nicolás de la Plata Caballero, Miguel Díaz y García Conlledo, Ricardo Morte Ferrer, Gilberto Pérez del Blanco, José Luis Pérez Triviño, José Rodríguez García and Silvia Verdugo Guzmán: Dopaje deportivo y Código Mundial Antidopaje
Luis Torres Montero

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