The International Journal of the History of Sport, Volume 33, 2016, Issue 16


A Bitter Partnership: The Black Press’ Contentious Relationship with the Negro Leagues in the Struggle to Integrate Major League Baseball
Samuel Edward Gale

Powerful Actor and Hesitant Institutionalization: The State in the History of Turkish Football
Umut Koç, Janset Özen-Aytemur & Erkan Erdemir

Cultural Exchange, Appropriation and Physical Culture: Strongman Eugen Sandow in Colonial India, 1904–1905
Carey A. Watt

Negotiating Difference: How Aboriginal Athletes in the Maritimes Brokered their Involvement in Canadian Sport
Janice Forsyth, Vanessa Lodge-Gagné & Audrey Giles

The ‘Ubiquitous Apostle of International Play’, Wilberforce Vaughan Eaves: The Forgotten Internationalist of Lawn Tennis
Simon J. Eaves & Robert J. Lake

The Social Background of Ireland’s Pre-World War I Association Football Clubs, Players and Administrators: The Case of South and West Ulster
Conor Curran

Migration, Knowledge Transfer, and the Emergence of Australian Post-War Skiing: The Story of Charles William Anton
Philipp Strobl

Bringing Human Rights In: The Campaign Against the 1980 Moscow Olympic Games and the Origins of the Nexus Between Human Rights and the Olympic Games
Umberto Tulli

Propaganda and Censorship for the 1984 Los Angeles Olympic Games: The Internal Politics of Ceausescu
Simona Petracovschi

Book Reviews

Mr Darley’s Arabian, High Life, Low Life, Sporting Life: A History of Racing in 25 Horses, by Chris McGrath
J. N. Campbell

Iron Mac: The Legend of Roughhouse Cyclist Reggie McNamara, by Andrew M. Homan
Braham Dabscheck

Passion Play: Love, Hope, and Heartbreak at the Footy, by Matthew Klugman
Lionel Frost

A Different Breed: A History of the Port Melbourne Football Club, Volume 3, 1945-1995, by Terry Keenan
Dave Nadel

Major League Baseball Organizations: Team Performance and Financial Consequences, by Frank P. Jozsa Jr
Braham Dabscheck

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