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Research Article

Gympalärare, idrottslärare eller lärare i Idrott och hälsa: Benämningen av ämnet och det förväntade innehållet [Teaching the Swedish school subject Physical Education and Health: The name of the subject and the expected content]

(Shutterstock/Drazen Zigic)

Previous studies have shown that for the Swedish school subject PEH, sports dominate the content of the subject in several aspects, as a result of, for instance, a vague and unspecific subject specific literacy used in the curricula and course books. This means that the health aspects of the subject are set aside. In this study, Katarina Lundin & Sanna Skärlund present another possible cause to the fact that health aspects are as prominent as sports aspects, although health has been a part of the Swedish school subject PEH since 1994. (Published in Swedish 240115. Abstract in English is available

Book Reviews

Cricket, Capitalism and Class: From the Village Green to the Cricket Industry, by Chris McMillan

Photo by Sagar Kulkarni on Unsplash

In Cricket, Capitalism and Class: From the Village Green to the Cricket Industry (Routledge) Chris McMillan argues that not only is the story of cricket inescapably entwined with that of capitalism, but that the game provides a unique lens with which to understand the history and development of capitalist political economy. Our reviewer Russell Holden finds, a few critical points notwithstanding, that McMillan’s study is highly relevant and that the book will find itself a slot on any bookshelf entitled Cricket in the 21st century. (Review in English, published 240117.)

The Political Football Stadium: Identity Discourses and Power Struggle, by Başak Alpan, Albrecht Sonntag & Katarzyna Herd (eds.)


The Political Football Stadium: Identity Discourses and Power Struggle, edited by Başak Alpan, Albrecht Sonntag & Katarzyna Herd (Palgrave Macmillan) focuses on the football stadium as a political space and examines how stadiums can be viewed as the objects and catalysts of political change. Alan Bairner has read a well-researched and informative tome with a wealth of interesting materials, but he is still able to suggest a couple of politically interesting stadiums to include in a second volume. (Review in English, published 240118.)

News items (calls for papers, vacancies, etc.)

FIFA World Cup in Qatar 29022, generally considered a clever and successful act of sportswashing (Shutterstock/rarrarorro)
  • Call for Papers | Sportswashing: Managing state relations and reputations through associations with sport – a one-day symposium | Loughborough University, London Campus, May 24, 2024. Call ends March 28, 2024 (240115)
  • Call for Papers | 24th Annual International Conference on Sports: Economic, Management, Marketing & Social Aspects | Athens, Greece, May 13–16, 2024. Call ends January 23, 2024 (240116)
  • Call for Papers | College Sport Research Institute (CSRI) 2024 Conference on College Sport | Columbia, SC March 20–22, 2024. Call ends January 26, 2024 (240116)
  • Call for Papers | Olympism: Contributions from media, journalism and communication studies. Special Issue of Mediapolis – Journal of Communication, Journalism and Public Sphere | Call ends January 31, 2024 (240116)
  • Call for Papers | Sport and War: From the Global South Perspective, Special Issue of Sport in Society | Call ends March 30, 2024 (240117)
  • Call for Papers | Bodies in Motion: Reassessing Materiality through Space and Time, 16th annual Comparative Literature and Cultural Studies Graduate Student Conference | The University of New Mexico, Albuquerque, March 29–30, 2024. Call ends February 2, 2024 (240117)
  • Call for Papers | ‘The History of Sport in the Arab world’, a Special Issue of The International Journal of the History of Sport | Call ends February 28, 2024 (240118)
  • Call for Papers | “Pushing Boundaries in Enhacement”, 2024 Conference of the International Network for Doping Research (INDR) | Aarhus University, Denmark, August15–16, 2024. Call ends May 31, 2024 (240119)
  • Call for Papers | Other Bodies, Other Games Conference | Sports Department, Université Paris cité, June 12–14, 2024. Call ends March 1, 2024 (240120)
  • Call for Papers | Sport Mobilities: new directions and connections at the intersection of sport and mobilities research | Royal Geographical Society with IBG Annual Conference (Hybrid), London, August 27–30, 2024. Call ends February 19, 2024 (240120)

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