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    Journal of Global Sport Management, Volume 7, 2022, issue 4

    JGSM aims to be the global platform for focused, rigorous, and interdisciplinary research that has originality, depth, and clarity of insights into significant issues and developments of interest to sport management. The Forum Editor’s pick from the current issue: A Multilevel Analysis of the Chinese Super League: Examining the Game Level and Home Team Level Determinants of Stadium Attendance by Shanshan Li, Yoonji Ryu & Hansol Kim.

    International Journal of Sports Marketing & Sponsorship, Vol 20, 2019, No 1

    The International Journal of Sports Marketing and Sponsorship is the world’s leading journal for the sports marketing industry, and provides a vital resource to both academic and industry experts. For academics it is an opportunity to publish the highest quality, peer-reviewed research. Practitioners can use the information to understand how the industry is changing.
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