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    Call for Participation | Football in Turkey 2021, a one day webinar | October 29, 2022

    Known as a football-passionate nation comparable to Brazil, Turkey has enjoyed important successes in the world arena, such as the third place in the 2002 World Cup, the semi-final in Euro 2008, and Galatasaray’s UEFA Cup and Super Cup victories in 2000. In the webinar, organized by Vrije Universiteit Brussel and University of Huddersfield, this unique football country will be discussed through different aspects that concern social sciences.

    Call for Papers | Football in Turkey 2021 | Online conference April 28, 2021. Call ends March 26, 2021

    The football world in Turkey presents complex peculiarities that are very difficult to understand for neutral observers. Born into the final years of the Ottoman Empire, football not only witnessed the birth of a new, modern nation-state, from day one, it became a vital part of Turkish modernism, along with other key concepts such as nationalism or secularism. Football has also become a battlefield for political, social and cultural divisions, which makes the case of Turkey even more appealing for football scholars. 

    Call for Papers: Galloping History: An International Symposium | April 16–19, 2014, Bilkent University. Ankara, Turkey

    There would hardly be any exaggeration in assuming that horses have been one of the most important companions to humankind since the development of civilized societies. Horses and equine culture have played great many roles in almost all historical epochs. Thus, historical inquiry has encountered this phenomenon in a diverse spectrum of fields, including but not limited to military,...
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