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    An enjoyable read and an important contribution to outdoor studies

    What does ’experience’ in experiential learning entail, and can a short-term singular experience of nature transform a participant’s life as a whole and in a permanent way? These are central issues dealt with in Experiential Learning and Outdoor Education: Traditions of Practice and Philosophical Perspectives, edited by Jim Parry & Pete Allison (Routledge). Our reviewer is Jonas Mikaels and he is impressed by some contributions, while also stumbling on a possible Freudian slip of consequence.

    Approaching the Interworld of Play in Sports

    Of the four conferences on philosophy of play in recent years arranged by Malcolm MacLean, Wendy Russell and Emily Ryall, each of the first three appear in book form. In this review essay, Ejgil Jespersen looks particularly at the contributions that discuss play in relation to sports, but he finds the whole trilogy both commendable and recommendable.

    Albeit an ample introduction to outdoor studies, its plenitude is overwhelming

    At times, Daniel Svensson felt he needed a handbook of reviewing handbooks when working on his review of Routledge International Handbook of Outdoor Studies by Barbara Humberstone, Heather Prince & Karla A. Henderson (eds.) (Routledge). However, he managed very well without one, and here is his review to prove it.
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