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    A new research project explores the contribution of physical education and health to the sustainable development agenda: the POSSIBILITY project

    The purpose of the strategic research and development initiative “Physical educatiOn, health and SuStaInaBILITY” (POSSIBILITY) is to increase our knowledge of and possible contribution to education for sustainable development within the field of physical education and health. In this feature article, the project and the published results so far is presented by Andreas Fröberg, Suzanne Lundvall & Petter Wiklander.

    Sport, Education and Society, Volume 27, 2022, Issue 4

    Sport, Education and Society encourages contributions from social scientists and educationalists studying the relationships between pedagogy, ‘the body’ and society, The Forum Editor’s pick from the current issue: ‘It’s just a case of chipping away': A postfeminist analysis of female coaches’ gendered experiences in grassroots sport by Paula Murray, Rhiannon Lord & Ross Lorimer.

    The distinct role of physical education in the context of Agenda 2030 and sustainable development goals: An explorative review and suggestions for future work | A summary

    In this feature article, Andreas Fröberg and Suzanne Lundvall summarize their article in Sustainability, in which they performed a review regarding the distinct role of physical education and health in the context of Agenda 2030 and its Sustainable Development Goals. The overall research question that guided this paper is as follows: what perspectives related to PEH in the context of Agenda 2030 and its SDGs have been discussed in the research literature?

    Curriculum Studies in Health and Physical Education, Volume 12, 2021, Issue 2 | Physical Literacy: A critical conversation

    CSHPE has a particular focus on social science research-based articles that make reference to other critical work in the field and/or discuss particular issues of practice-focused research within the specific professional field. The Forum Editor’s pick from the current issue: Assessing physical literacy in health and physical education by Lisa Young, Justen O’Connor, Laura Alfrey & Dawn Penney open access).

    Physical Education and Sport Pedagogy, Volume 26, 2021, Issue 3 | Developing movement capability in physical education

    The purpose of PESP is to provide a forum for high quality educational research for a national and international readership. We intend this research to have a high impact on both policy and practice. The Forum Editor’s pick from the current issue: Learning in the educational landscapes of juggling, unicycling, and dancing by G. Nyberg, D. Barker & H. Larsson.

    European Journal for Sport and Society, Vol. 18, 2021, Issue 1

    EJSS’ function is to enable an international discussion about current issues and to foster collaboration between researchers from all social scientific sub-disciplines. It’s published 4 times per year. The Forum Editor’s pick from the current issue: To move on… – a comparative study of Swedish adolescents in a changing sport and leisure-time landscape by Suzanne Lundvall & Britta Thedin Jakobsson (open access).

    Värdefull om än överteoretiserande avhandling om vägen till fördjupat lärande

    Heléne Bergentoft disputerade i maj 2019 på avhandlingen Lärande av rörelseförmåga i idrott och hälsa ur ett praktikutvecklande perspektiv (Göteborgs universitetet), i vilken hon ådagalade samband mellan undervisning och lärande av rörelseförmåga samt transfer av kunnande. Suzanne Lundvall reder ut teoretiska utgångspunkter och begrepp i denna inte helt lättlästa men väl läsvärda bok.

    Scandinavian Sport Studies Forum, Volume 10, 2019

    SSSF, a multidisciplinary social sciences sport study journal, welcomes articles that deal with sport and social change and social stability in a wide sense, articles about the profound and comprehensive processes affecting sports such as professionalization, globalization, commercialization, urbanization, technologization, medicalization and juridification.

    Learning health in Swedish physical education: A critical case study of students’ encounters with physical fitness and health as a learning object

    In this article by Marie Graffman-Sahlberg, Gunilla Brun Sundblad & Suzanne Lundvall, critical questions are being raised about the enforcement of learning a particular health practice in school physical education (PE). The aim of the study was to explore upper secondary students’ learning and understandings of a specific learning object, aerobic fitness and how this influences health, after participating in a period of a longer lab work in physical education.

    Measurement in Physical Education and Exercise Science, Volume 23, 2019, Issue 3

    MPEES covers a wide variety of subjects in the area of measurement research in physical education and exercise science. Each journal section is devoted to theoretical and methodological issues in measurement and statistics. This journal is essential reading for anyone who has a use for quality measurement information in the fields of physical education and exercise science.
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