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    Call for Papers | “Sustainability of Sport Management in the Post-COVID19 Era”, Special Issue of Sustainability. Call ends December 31, 2021

    Sport management scholars have mainly focused on environmental aspects of sustainability. However, the conceptualization of sustainability should be enriched by including economic, environmental, social, individual, and ethical aspects to provide meaningful insight into the sport industry in this unprecedented era. In line with this notion, this special issue aims to seek theoretical and practical investigation of sustainability in the field of sport management.

    Doktorandkurs | Idrottens och friluftslivets miljöutmaningar, 7,5 hp. Malmö universitet, HT 2021

    Syftet med kursen är att du ska tillägna dig fördjupade kunskaper om idrottens och friluftslivets miljöpåverkan och miljöutmaningar historiskt och i dagens samhälle och hur de kan förstås utifrån sammanhang i tid och rum. Viktiga utgångspunkter är idrotten och friluftslivet som samhällsfenomen, rörelser och politikområden. Kursen behandlar olika aspekter av idrottens och friluftslivets utmaningar såsom historiska perspektiv, transporter, material och teknik, mark-och vatten användning, event, politik och påverkansinstrument.

    Call for Papers | Frontiers Research Topic: “Can Sport, Leisure, Tourism & Events be Powers for Good?”. Call ends April 19, 2021

    The overall purpose of this research theme is to advance current conceptions of – and critical reflection upon – the role, purpose and potential of sport, leisure, tourism and events (SLTE) in and for human society. The call is multi-disciplinary in nature but does require focus on one or more of the four elements in the proposed title, i.e. sport, leisure, tourism, and events.

    Call for Papers | “Recovery and Sustainability of the Sport Sector during the COVID-19 Pandemic”, Special Issue of Sustainability | Call ends April 30, 2021

    In this Special Issue, we invite contributions that examine the impact of COVID-19 on different aspects of the sport sector, illustrate how the sport sector has responded to the pandemic and how recovery can be sustained going forward. Likewise, we welcome studies of how COVID-19 has modified sport habits among the population, and affected the development of sport competitions and sport events, manufacturing and service activities.

    Call for Participation | Sport Science Online Meetup, 18–20 November 2020

    The Department of Sport Sciences at Malmö university, in collaboration with SVEBI, has the pleasure of inviting the Scandinavian sport science community to a series of digital seminars on November 18–20, 2020. This digital meetup will work as a pre-event for the SVEBI conference that will be hosted at Malmö University on 17–19 November 2021. We see the event as a terrific opportunity for the sport science community to meet – albeit digitally – and exchange experiences.

    Vacancy | PhD Research Fellow in sports, gender and sustainability @ University of South-Eastern Norway | Apply before October 1, 2020

    In this particular project, we seek to advance understandings of gender, sustainability and the organization of sport nationally, as well as internationally. More specifically, this project seeks to understand the workings of gender in the context of selected sport organizations, programs and/or initiatives in order to advance insights and possibly sport policies aimed at making sport more sustainable.

    Lediga platser | Postdoktor i idrottsvetenskap inom Mistra-projektet, till Malmö universitet | Ansök senast midsommardagen, den 20 juni 2020

    Som postdoc kommer du att bedriva historisk forskning i ett projekt inriktat på idrott och friluftsliv i ett brett samhällsperspektiv med fokus på miljö och hållbarhet. Den specifika forskningsuppgiften formas i dialog med en forskningsgrupp, som består huvudsakligen av historiker, samt samverkanspartners inom forskningsporgrammet Mistra Sport & Outdoors, ett tvärvetenskapligt forskningsprogram finansierat av Stiftelsen för miljöstrategisk forskning, Mistra.

    PhD studentship in sport philosophy to the Norwegian School of Sport Sciences. Apply before August 7, 2020

    The Department of Sport and Social Sciences has a vacant PhD candidate position in the field of sport philosophy. There is the possibility of applying to one out of two (or to both) predefined PhD projects. One project will be focusing on the ethics of medicalization and performance-enhancing means in sport, and the other on eco-philosophical and environmental issues in sport.

    Doktorand i Historiska studier av teknik, vetenskap och miljö till Kungliga Tekniska högskolan, inom forskningsprogrammet Mistra Sport & Outdoors. Ansök senast den 1 juni 2020

    Forskarutbildningen ger en bred och allsidig bas för fortsatt karriär som historiker och som forskare inom historiska och angränsande discipliner. Som doktorand kommer du att bedriva historisk forskning i ett projekt inriktat på idrott och/eller friluftsliv i ett brett samhällsperspektiv med fokus på miljö och hållbarhet. Den specifika forskningsuppgiften utformas i dialog med handledare och en forskargrupp inom Mistra Sport & Outdoors.

    Call for Papers | “Benefits and Threats of Travel and Tourism in a Globalized Cultural Context” – Special Issue of World Leisure Journal. Call ends July 30, 2020

    This special issue will cover empirical research (both qualitative and quantitative), and systematic reviews. Examples of evidence-based practice pertaining to tourism are also encouraged. All submissions will be peer-reviewed. Studies focusing on the relationship between leisure and tourism, as well as tourism from the global perspective and in non-dominant contexts (such as for example social tourism, volunteer tourism) are particularly sought.
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