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    Successful collaborations between academics and practitioners produced useful insights

    School Physical Education and Teacher Education: Collaborative Redesign for the Twenty-First Century by editors MacPhail and Lawson asks how physical education and physical education teacher education can be reconfigured together so that they are responsive to changes in today’s fast-paced, diverse and uncertain global society. In his review, Joacim Andersson finds the collaborative method for producing the book as important and promising as the outcome of those meetings of academics and practitioners.

    Sport Scholar Profile | Susanna Geidne, Örebro University

    Susanna Geidne is a Senior Lecturer in Sport Science and an Associate professor in Public Health with focus on Health promotion at the Division of Sport Science at Örebro University. She focuses on practice-based health promotion research with sports (in a broad sense) as an arena. This includes methodologically diverse research on for example health promoting sports clubs (HPSC).
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