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    A landmark account of the global history of the coolest game on earth

    About time! exclaims our esteemed reviewer Tobias Stark about Hockey: A Global History by Stephen Hardy & Andrew C. Holman (University of Illinois Press).The North American history of ice hockey is thoroughly studied and described, and our reviewer welcomes this attempt at a global historical perspective – a very successful attempt at that. A seminal work by leading scholars in the field.

    The International Journal of the History of Sport, Volume 35, 2018, Issue 7–8: Sport and Entrepreneurship

    The International Journal of the History of Sport is the world’s leading sport history academic periodical with fully-refereed global coverage of the subject. As well as regular issues, the IJHS also offers regionally-focused issues on the Americas, Africa, Asia, Australasia and the Pacific, Europe, and the Middle East, and special issues each year on significant topics and themes.

    Läsvärt om ikoniska ögonblick i amerikansk idrottshistoria

    Idrottshistorikern Steven Gietschier bad ett gäng kolleger att välja och skriva om var sitt ikoniskt ögonblick i amerikansk idrottshistoria, och ställde samman deras bidrag i boken Replays, Rivalries, and Rumbles: The Most Iconic Moments in American Sports (University of Illinois Press). Hans Bolling finner att Gietschier och övriga bidragsgivare skrivit en spännande amerikansk idrottshistorik.

    An enjoyable, well written, and very Canadian tome on sport, politics and society

    Playing for Change: The Continuing Struggle for Sport and Recreation, edited by Russell Field (University of Toronto Press) is an homage, albeit in a very low-keyed, Canadian sort of way, to Bruce Kidd, athlete, activist and scholar. In his review for, Alan Bairner is very pleased with what he reads; however, he is unable to find in this book about struggle a discussion of gender and sexuality.

    Amerikansk idrottshistoria från skilda utgångspunkter

    Tobias Stark recenserar två böcker om amerikansk idrottshistoria, A Brief History of American Sports: Second Edition by Elliott J. Gorn & Warren Goldstein, och Major Problems in American Sport History: Second Edition av Steven A. Riess (red). Båda ät nyutgåvor av 90-talsböcker, och de klarar övergången till 2010-talet på olika sätt.
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