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    Call for Papers | Reaching the Summit: Reimagining the Summit Series in the Canadian Cultural Memory, an Anthology. Call ends April 30, 2021

    The proposed collection will explore the role of the 1972 Summit Series in persisting conceptions of Canadian self-identification. In doing so, we attempt to critically contribute to the existing body of scholarship regarding the summit series. Our project seeks to create a new approach to this seminal event in Canadian sport history by assembling a concert of voices through diverse forms of criticism or storytelling modes.

    Call for Papers | Technologies of Mind and Body in the Soviet Union and the Eastern Bloc | International symposium, 17–18 May 2019, University of Nottingham, UK. Call ends...

    The project of creating a ‘New Man’ and ‘New Woman’ initiated in the Soviet Union and the Eastern Bloc constituted one of the most extensive efforts to remake human psychophysiology in modern history. How did science, culture and medicine overlap with a mode of government that sought to manage, cultivate and regulate human life?
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