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    A remastering of European football’s “greatest hits”, albeit with some original approaches

    In our ambition to cover the whole book series ”Football Research in an Enlarged Europe”, we asked Matthew L. McDowell for a review of the 2015 edited volume European Football and Collective Memory by Wolfram Pyta & Nils Havemann (Palgrave Macmillan). Our reviewer finds an uneven collection that’s still relevant for analyses of European football and for football as a metaphor for the European project.

    Globale perspektiver på race og etnicitet i international fodbold

    David Holt Olsen har läst en brittisk antologi om fotbollens makt och vanmakt inför diskriminering på grund av etnicitet och ras, Ethnicity and Race in Association Football: Case Study Analyses in Europe, Africa and the USA sammanställd av David Hassan.
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