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    Psychology of Sport and Exercise, Vol. 61, July 2022

    Psychology of Sport and Exercise is an international forum for scholarly reports in the psychology of sport and exercise, broadly defined. The Forum Editor’s pick from the current issue: Effects of the function-specific instruction approach to neurofeedback training on frontal midline theta waves and golf putting performance by Tai-Ting Chen, Kuo-Pin Wang, Wen-Hsuan Chang, Cheng-Wei Kao, Tsung-Min Hung (open access).

    Number crunching in sports – for business and pleasure

    Science Meets Sports: When statistics are more than numbers, edited by Christophe Ley & Yves Dominicy (Cambridge Scholars Publishing), presents the field of sports statistics to two very distinct target audiences, academicians and sports fans. And according to our reviewer Mats Franzén the book works well for both groups; he finds a number of promising approaches to analysis of sporting practices, although they may be more accessible for the sports-interested statistician than the regular sports fan.

    Journal of Sports Economics, Vol. 20, 2019, No. 2

    Journal of Sports Economics (JSE), peer-reviewed and published quarterly, publishes scholarly research in the field of sports economics. The aim of the journal is to further research in the area of sports economics by bringing together theoretical and empirical research in a single intellectual venue.

    International Journal of Sport Finance, Volume 12, 2017, Issue 3

    The International Journal of Sport Finance (IJSF) is published quarterly and serves as a high-level forum for the dissemination of current research on sport finance topics on a worldwide basis. A fundamental mission of the journal is to communicate to sport industry executives and managers the practical benefits of research on finance related to current practice.
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