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    Call for Papers | America’s Game in the Middle East: The 2027 Qatar Basketball World Cup, an edited collection | Call ends May 31, 2024

    This project will adopt a multidisciplinary approach and explore a wide range of cultural, economic, political, and social issues. Themes will include, but are not limited to: the origins of the game in the Middle East and the role America played in this process; basketball and its role in Middle Eastern societies; the importance of the Middle East as a market for the American professional basketball league, the NBA, and for the global growth of basketball; Middle Eastern ownerships and sponsorships in American basketball; and more.

    Call for Participants | “FIFA and Human Rights – From Qatar 2022 to USA 2026” | Webinar hosted by the University of Connecticut, December 7, 2022

    This UConn Beyond the Field conversation will focus on examining FIFA in the context of human rights, and particularly the time from Qatar 2022 to the United States 2026. The session will explore the challenges and opportunities for advancing a human rights agenda before, during and after a World Cup. We will address the role and responsibility of FIFA and its obligations to established international human rights. Speaker: Andrea Florence, Director, Sport & Rights Alliance.

    Free online event | Back of the Net: How Sporting and Political Goals Coincide and Contradict | The Political Studies Association (PSA) Annual Lecture, December 15, 2022

    The PSA’s 2022 Annual Lecture will take place online on Thursday 15 December at 7pm GMT, in partnership with SAGE Publishing. We are pleased that Laura McAllister, Professor of Public Policy and the Governance of Wales at Cardiff University’ has agreed to give this year’s lecture. An expert in sports governance, and a former Wales international football captain, Professor McAllister’s lecture coincides with the 2022 Men’s Football World Cup.

    Call for Participants | Mega-events and sustainable cities: oxymoron or opportunity? Online event hosted by University of Westminster, November 14, 2022, 1300–1430 GMT

    Join online on the 14th Novembe, in the week running up to the Qatar World Cup, to discuss the sustainability of mega-events. Hear from some of the world’s leading researchers on this topic to discuss whether the notion of a sustainable mega-event is an oxymoron, or whether these events can be aligned with sustainable urbanism. Speakers include Professor Martin Muller, Professor Eleni Theodoraki and Dr. Mahfoud Amara, as well as Dr. Rutendo Musikavanhu.

    Call for Contributions | “(Il)liberal Nation Projection Through Sport, Culture, Entertainment, and International Broadcasting” | Symposium, online and on-site @ The University of Manchester, October 20 and/or 21, 2022....

    The upcoming FIFA World Cup in Qatar presents a fruitful opportunity to examine how illiberal regimes project the nation via the staging of sport, cultural, and entertainment media events. This workshop brings together scholars and non-academic stakeholders to explore and compare nation projection strategies of illiberal and democratic states across different contexts, channels, and platforms in the digital age.

    Call for Papers | “The Arab countries and the Olympic Games” | June 25/26 2016, Tufts University, Medford, MA

    Taking place just before the 2016 Summer Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, the workshop aims to provide information and analysis on the state of sport in the Arab World through the multidisciplinary lenses of political science, history, economics, business, and law, among others.

    Report from the 15th ISHPES congress 2014 at Qatar University in Doha, Qatar

    The 15th congress of the International Society for the History of Physical Education and Sport (ISHPES) was held in Qatar in September 2014, with impressive programs both academically and socially. Natalia Camps Y Wilant, Min Ge and Marit Nybelius reports in words and pictures
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