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    Philosophies, Open Access Journal | Special Issue, “Philosophical Issues in Sport Science”, edited by Emily Ryall

    This special issue brings together scholars working on philosophical problems in sport to provide a collection of articles focused on philosophical problems in sport science. Whilst there are notable published articles on philosophical problems in sport science, there has been no single edited collection of work in this area. As such, this special issue aims to contribute to this neglected area in the philosophy of sport.

    Call for Papers | “Philosophical Issues in Sport Science” | Special Issue of Philosophies. Call ends May 1, 2019

    To what extent is it possible to accurately quantify or improve performance? Do technological innovations in officiating merely transfer authority from one entity to another? Does a technological solution to one issue in sport inevitably lead to a ‘revenge effect’ whereby another problem is created as a consequence? Is the research that drives changes to sport based upon reasonable scientific assumptions?
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