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    Bland knattar och minisar: Ridskolornas verksamhet för de allra yngsta

    I den hĂ€r artikeln studerar Susanna Hedenborg, Annika RosĂ©n, Gabriella Thorell Palmquist, Oskar Solenes och Guro FiskergĂ„rd Werner idrott för de yngsta med fokus pĂ„ ridskoleaktiviteter i Norge och Sverige, genom en enkĂ€tstudie och intervjuer med verksamhetsledare pĂ„ ridskolor. Resultaten pekar pĂ„ att ridskolor bĂ„de i Norge och Sverige erbjuder verksamhet för Ă„ldersgruppen 0–6 Ă„r i syfte att att fĂ„nga upp barnen tidigt.

    Among tiny tots and minis: Riding school activities for the youngest

    In this article, Susanna Hedenborg, Annika RosĂ©n, Gabriella Thorell Palmquist, Oskar Solenes and Guro FiskergĂ„rd Werner study sports for the youngest with a focus on riding school activities in Norway and Sweden. The study is based on a questionnaire and interviews with riding school managers. The results indicate that riding schools in both Norway and Sweden, just like other organized sports associations, offer activities for the age group 0–6 years.

    Scandinavian Sport Studies Forum, Volume 7, 2016

    SSSF, a multidisciplinary social sciences sport study journal, welcomes articles that deal with sport and social change and social stability in a wide sense, articles about the profound and comprehensive processes affecting sports such as professionalization, globalization, commercialization, urbanization, technologization, medicalization and juridification.

    Too young to ride? A study of riding school activities for pre-school children from safety and horse welfare perspectives‹

    The aim of the project “Too young to ride?”is to increase knowledge of horse and riding education for pre-school children with the objective of developing safer horse environments in Sweden and Norway. The project poses research questions pertaining to the organization of activities in relation to children, parents, riding instructors, and horses, as well as safety precautions in place and perceptions of safety.

    Where are the kids? They are in Scandinavia!

    Tre professorer inom norsk idrottsforskning, Ørnulf Seippel, Mari Kristin Sisjord och Åse Strandbu, stĂ„r bakom den omfĂ„ngsrika antologin Ungdom og idrett (Cappelen Damm Akademisk). Vi bad en svensk forskare med ett brinnande intresse för barn- och ungdomsidrott, Karin Redelius, att recensera boken, och vi fick en bred och kunnig översikt av en uppenbart bra och viktig bok.

    The Janus-faced relationship value of professional sports clubs: A study of Molde Football Club, Norway

    New peer review article published in Scandinavian Sport Studies Forum. The authors, Harald Dolles, Hallgeir GammelsĂŠter, Oskar Solenes and Solveig Straume, conclude that a football club functions as a frequent reminder of the hometown for people that have migrated, and its activities serve as a foundation for conversations that might support migrators to build up social capital at their new location.
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