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    Call for Chapters | Body, Politics, and Nation: Intersections of (Post)Modernity. Call ends August 31, 2020

    Taking the timely but historically-rooted entanglements between the three – body, politics and nation seriously, we are particularly interested in submissions that highlight how the state and capitalism in their neoliberal iterations seek to control, mould, and discipline the body along the axes of gender, caste, race, sexuality, income etc. in their pursuit of power and profit.

    Special Issue of National Identities | “Sporting Nations without States” | Guest editor: Malcolm MacLean

    Special Issue: Sporting Nations without States Guest Edited by Malcolm Maclean Performing nations, disrupting states: sporting identities in nations without states Malcolm MacLean & Russell Field ‘Je suis socialiste et quinziste’: rugby, wine and socialism in the Aude since 1976 Andrew W.M. Smith Sport and the Cornish: difference and identity on the English periphery in the twentieth century Dilwyn Porter Nation, state and identity in international sport Hywel...
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