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    International Review for the Sociology of Sport, Vol. 57, 2022, No. 6

    IRSS is a peer reviewed academic journal. Its main purpose is to disseminate research and scholarship on sport throughout the international academic community. The journal publishes research articles of varying lengths, as well as book and media reviews. The Forum Editor’s pick from the current issue: Moving Away: Intra-National Migration Experiences of Brazilian Men Elite Futsal Players During Youth by Renato Francisco Rodrigues Marques, Natalie Barker-Ruchti, Astrid Schubring, Wanderley Marchi Júnior, Rafael Pombo Menezes, and Myrian Nunomura.

    Sports Coaching Review, Volume 11, 2022, Issue 1 | New possibilities: extending research and practice in sports coaching

    Sports Coaching Review is an international peer-reviewed medium for the publication of articles related to sports coaching. It aspires to be a major focal point for the publication of sports coaching research throughout the world. The Forum Editor’s pick from the current issue: Philosophy for coaching rather than philosophy of coaching: some conceptual clarifications by Chris Hughes (open access).

    Significant contribution to the literature, providing unique insight into pertinent issues in elite sport coaching

    Natalie Barker-Ruchti is Associate Professor in sport management and sport coaching, Örebro University, Sweden, and the editor of Athlete Learning in Elite Sport: A Cultural Framework (Routledge) in which fifteen international scholars offer the first sociological-pedagogical text to conceptualise athlete learning in elite sport and across athletic careers. Our reviewer is Benjamin Moreland, and he finds the book praiseworthy in a number of ways and from many perspectives.

    Don’t buy a pig in a poke: Considering challenges of and problems with performance analysis technologies in Swedish men’s elite football | A Summary

    In this feature article, Natalie Barker-Ruchti, Robert Svensson, Daniel Svensson and Dan Fransson summarize their article in Performance Enhancement & Health, in which they present research on PATs, performance analysis technologies that are increasingly utilized in elite football on various levels to measure performance. It’s not quite as simple as it would seem to analyze and implement the results, and the authors identify the pitfalls and present useful suggestions for overcoming the problems.

    Qualitative Research in Sport, Exercise and Health, Volume 13, 2021, Issue 5

    Qualitative Research in Sport, Exercise and Health is a landmark publication – it is the first international journal solely dedicated to the advancement and dissemination of qualitative research in the sport, exercise, and health sciences. The Forum Editor’s pick from the current issue: A tale of three seasons: a cultural sport psychology and gender performativity approach to practitioner identity and development in professional football by Francesca Champ, Noora Ronkainen, David Tod, Artin Eubank & Martin Littlewood.

    Soccer & Society, Volume 22, 2021, Issue 5

    Soccer, a.k.a (association) football is the most popular mass spectator sport in the world. Soccer & Society is the first international journal devoted to the game of soccer, and aims to focus on the game in the context of a more global world. The Forum Editor’s pick from the current issue: ’The social perception of the Colombian National Women’s Football Team towards local media by Daniela Santos Velasco, Santiago Restrepo Chavarro & Laura Camila Sarmiento Marulanda.

    Performance Enhancement & Health, Vol. 9, 2021, Issue 1

    Performance Enhancement & Health (PEH) is an international, peer-reviewed journal that critically explores the health implications of pharmacological, genetic, psychological and other technological enhancements of the human being. The Forum Editor’s pick from the current issue: Don’t buy a pig in a poke: Considering challenges of and problems with performance analysis technologies in Swedish men’s elite football by Natalie Barker-Ruchti, Robert Svensson, Daniel Svensson, Dan Fransson.

    European Journal for Sport and Society, Vol. 18, 2021, Issue 1

    EJSS’ function is to enable an international discussion about current issues and to foster collaboration between researchers from all social scientific sub-disciplines. It’s published 4 times per year. The Forum Editor’s pick from the current issue: To move on… – a comparative study of Swedish adolescents in a changing sport and leisure-time landscape by Suzanne Lundvall & Britta Thedin Jakobsson (open access).

    Youth sport injury research: a narrative review and the potential of interdisciplinary research | A summary

    In this feature article, Solveig Elisabeth Hausken-Sutter and colleagues summarize their article from BMJ Open Sport & Exercise Medicine in which they present an overview of youth football and youth sport injury research. They show that research in this field lacks integration across disciplines and paradigms, and propose an interdisciplinary research process as a response to the call for interdisciplinarity in sport injury research.

    The Olympic Games: Dream-come-true or a precarious career phase?

    Participation in the Olympic Games is most athletes’ greatest dream and ultimate goal. The article out of the Paths-to-Rio study by Astrid Schubring, Natalie Barker-Ruchti, Anna Post & Stefan Pettersson however, demonstrates that Olympic hopefuls enter a precarious career-phase for which the elite athletes taking part in the research were ill prepared. Athletes trained with pain or sickness, competed injured, dieted or took painkillers.
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