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    Call for Papers | “Making World(s): Sport, Globalization and Olympism”, 27th International European Committee for Sports History Congress | Université Paris Nanterre, June 4–6, 2024. Call ends January 31,...

    The aim of this congress is to improve our understanding of the interactions between individuals and groups that shape more or less interdependent worlds, the dynamics of which set the pace for the globalization of sport and Olympism. Thus, the analytical approach favoured by this congress will pay particular attention to the multiple ways, situations and (re)configurations of making (worlds) of sport and Olympism - be they cultural, political, social or geographical.

    Call for Papers | “Media, Society and Cycling Cultures”, Special Issue of Eracle. Journal of Sport and Social Sciences. Call ends March 31, 2022

    The interdisciplinary field of study ‘Cycling and Society’ represents a part of mobility studies. Cycling studies start from a critique of ‘automobility’, the dominant paradigm of contemporary mobility. They try to outline post-car mobility scenarios and focus on ’velomobility’. With the aim of contributing to this field of study, this call for papers invites articles focusing on the increasing mediatization and platformization of the experience of cycling.

    Call for Papers | “Sport and Mediatization: Sports Events and Cultures Across the World”, Special Issue of Communication & Sport. Call ends September 30, 2021

    This special issue encourages submissions grounded in comparative and interdisciplinary perspectives on several topics including, but not limited to, sport and its mediatization in different regions, as well as sporting events and their impact on economies, political and/or cultural systems. We hope that scholars, especially those based outside countries featuring big media sport, will contribute submissions examining specific situations in various nations and regions.

    Livestreamad disputation | Förhandling pågår: En studie av internationella skidförbundets (FIS) medialisering av Marit Stub Nybelius, Malmö universitet, den 15 maj 2020

    Medierna påverkar i allt större grad samhället, med dess olika delar och aktörer. Denna medialiseringsprocess undersöks i Marit Stub Nybelius’ avhandling med avseende på sportens sfär. Fokus ligger på det internationella skidförbundet (Fédération Internationale de Ski, FIS) som organisation och på medialiseringens inverkan på tävlingsutförandet av sporterna backhoppning och längdåkning på internationell elitnivå.
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