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    New insights into the complex subculture of the ultras movement

    Fanaticism in association football fandom is being witnessed these days in the wake of Maradona’s passing. Another expression is also the subject of Ultras: The passion and performance of contemporary football fandom by Mark Doidge, Radosław Kossakowski & Svenja Mintert (Manchester University Press). Our reviewer is Lise Joern, well versed in the world of football fandom, fanatic or not, and she really appreciates this sociological study and its novel theoretical approaches.

    International Journal of Sport Policy and Politics, Volume 12, 2020, Issue 2

    The International Journal of Sport Policy and Politics aims to publish articles that address all aspects of sport policy irrespective of academic discipline. The Forum Editor’s pick from the current issue: THE FAROE ISLANDS AND THE WORLD SOCIETY: THE DEVELOPMENT OF ELITE CLUB FOOTBALL FRAMED BY COMMERCIAL AND LOCAL INTERESTS AND INTERNATIONAL REGULATIONS by Nicholas Satchwell & Ulrik Wagner.

    Soccer & Society, Volume 20, 2019, Issue 5: The impact of international football events on local, national and transnational fan cultures

    Soccer and Society is an international peer-reviewed journal and the first international journal devoted to the world’s most popular game. It covers all aspects of soccer globally from anthropological, cultural, economic, historical, political and sociological perspectives. Soccer and Society encourages and favours clearly written research, analysis and comment.

    Från ståplatssupportrar till fåtöljfans

    I Borja Garcias och Jinming Zhengs antologi Football and Supporter Activism in Europe: Whose Game Is It? (Palgrave Macmillan) diskuteras i ett dussintal bidrag elitherrfotbollens distansering från sin supporterbas som en följd av globalisering och kommersialisering. Ur de åt lite olika håll spretande bidragen utläser Daniel Alsarve en genomgående tes: Herrfotbollen bör vara rädda om sina supportrar.

    Theoretically grounded football study with good empirical case studies

    Four leading British football scholars, Jamie Cleland, Mark Doidge, Peter Millward and Paul Widdop, have authored a monograph, Collective Action and Football Fandom: A Relational Sociological Approach (Palgrave). Our reviewer is Arve Hjelseth, and his review was originally published in Norwegian October 24, 2018. It has been translated into English by Jeremy Crump.

    Teoretisk forankret fotballstudie med fine empiriske case

    Fyra ledande fotbollssociologer, Jamie Cleland, Mark Doidge, Peter Millward och Paul Widdop, ligger bakom monografin Collective Action and Football Fandom: A Relational Sociological Approach (Palgrave). Vår recensent är Arve Hjelseth, som visserligen kan se en poäng med relationer sociologi, men själv föredrar de sociologiska teorier som ryms i beteckningen var för sig. Bra bok, i alla händeler.

    Sport in Society, Volume 21, 2018, Issue 6: The Ultras: a global football fan phenomenon

    The considerable growth of interest in commerce, media and politics and their relationship to sport in international academia has resulted in academics in various disciplines writing about sport. Sport in Society is a multi-disciplinary and inter-disciplinary forum for academics to discuss the growing relationship of sport to significant areas of modern life.

    Journal of Sport & Social Issues, Vol. 42, 2018, No. 2

    Journal of Sport and Social Issues (JSSI) brings you the latest research, discussion and analysis on contemporary sport issues. Using an international, interdisciplinary perspective, JSSI examines today's most pressing and far-reaching questions about sport.
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