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    Call for Papers | Playing at the Boundaries: An Interdisciplinary Forum on Play in Children’s Literature, Media and Culture | University of Cambridge, September 12–14. 2019. Call ends February...

    We encourage scholars from the fields of children’s literature, screen studies, games studies, media and communication, material culture and, of course, scholars studying play from both theoretical and empirical perspectives, to join us in considering the latent metacritical potentials of play and its diverse modes and forms in bridging disciplinary divides.

    Call for Papers | Some Dance to Remember, Some Dance to Forget: Dance and Memory in the Nineteenth Century

    From the quadrilles of Jane Austen to the Ballets Russes, dance continues to shape our understanding of the literature, art, and history of the nineteenth century. This special panel will prepare conference attendees for an optional nineteenth-century dance workshop at the conference, hosted by the Graduate Caucus.

    Introducing ATHLOS – a website dedicated to athletics literature

    The word “ATHLETICS” has its origins in Ancient Greece and in its athletes who competed for prizes at various festivals. Our name – ATHLOS - reflects that ancient legacy. Track and Field Athletics has a long and rich history and has been the central sport of the modern Olympic Games since they began. The origins and culture of Track and...

    Call for Papers: “Freedom to move. Dance and Literature (1900-1950)”. Postgraduate Workshop at the Centre for Cultural Studies, University of Graz, 28th–29th of November 2014

    At the beginning of the 20th century, dance functions to create a space for cultural and artistic expression which aims to innovate aesthetic and cultural traditions through the metaphor of liberty. Half art, half sport (Grassi 1999), dance influences social and artistic life. It touches a sensitive political area where the body is idealized and becomes a fetish like...
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