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    Tensions and tractions of moving together and alone in physical education | A summary

    In this feature article, Laura Suominen Ingulfsvann, Vegard Fusche Moe & Gunn Engelsrud summarize their recent article in Sport, Education and Society in which they study and analyze children’s movements while playng games in a school physical education context. The authors demonstrate how multiple actions and multiple dimensions of movement emerge simultaneously and how children’s own movements and the activity emerge and develop through reciprocal interactions.

    Sport, Education and Society, Volume 26, 2021, Issue 2

    Sport, Education and Society encourages contributions from social scientists and educationalists studying the relationships between pedagogy, ‘the body’ and society, The Forum Editor’s pick from the current issue: TENSIONS AND TRACTIONS OF MOVING TOGETHER AND ALONE IN PHYSICAL EDUCATION by Laura Suominen Ingulfsvann, Gunn Engelsrud & Vegard Fusche Moe.
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