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    Being a Group Fitness Instructor during the COVID-19 Crisis: Navigating Professional Identity, Social Distancing, and Community | A Summary

    In this feature article, Karin Andersson snd Jesper Andreasson summarize their recent article in Social Sciences, in which they explore how the COVID-19 pandemic and related measures, such as social distancing affect the everyday lives and professions of Les Mills International (LMI) group fitness instructors. According to the participants, online classes as a means of upholding group fitness in times of social distancing is an insufficient substitute to face-to-face instructing.

    Voices from closed stadiums: The corona crisis as a potential vehicle for sports development

    In order to gain a deeper understanding of how the governmental measures to limit the spread of corona virus affected physical activity, exercising habits, and the conditions for sport clubs, to both exercisers, sport supporters, and coaches this project was initiated. The purpose of the study is to report on how sport and exercise is affected, currently performed, and navigated both from a larger perspective – macro level – and on a lived individual micro level.
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