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    The internal logic of surfing | A Summary

    In this summary of an article published in the Brazilian journal Conexões in September 2020, Dihuen Cibeyra and Jorge Ricardo Saraví presents a study of surfing, and specifically the teaching of surfing. Based on a qualitative and interpretive methodology, the authors concludes that the practice of surfing requires a systemic view in order to fully understand the phenomenon from a research as well as an educational perspective.

    Loisir et Société / Society and Leisure, Volume 42, 2019, Issue 3

    Loisir et Société / Society & Leisure is a bilingual, multidisciplinary and thematic journal that publishes on leisure and free time with their relation to cultural, economic and social dimensions of individuals and communities. These dimensions include family, the environment, communication, culture, governance, economy, public service, etc.
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