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    An enjoyable read and an important contribution to outdoor studies

    What does ’experience’ in experiential learning entail, and can a short-term singular experience of nature transform a participant’s life as a whole and in a permanent way? These are central issues dealt with in Experiential Learning and Outdoor Education: Traditions of Practice and Philosophical Perspectives, edited by Jim Parry & Pete Allison (Routledge). Our reviewer is Jonas Mikaels and he is impressed by some contributions, while also stumbling on a possible Freudian slip of consequence.

    European Physical Education Review, Vol. 25, 2019, No. 3

    European Physical Education Review is a journal that stimulates and presents scholarly enquiry in the broad field of physical education, including sport and leisure issues and research, bringing together contributions from a wide range of disciplines across the natural and social sciences and humanities.

    Albeit an ample introduction to outdoor studies, its plenitude is overwhelming

    At times, Daniel Svensson felt he needed a handbook of reviewing handbooks when working on his review of Routledge International Handbook of Outdoor Studies by Barbara Humberstone, Heather Prince & Karla A. Henderson (eds.) (Routledge). However, he managed very well without one, and here is his review to prove it.
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