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    Becoming a business: an environmental, transitional and organisational analysis of Bradford and Queen’s Park Football Clubs before 1914 | A Summary

    In this summary of an article published in Soccer & Society in April 2020, John Dewhirst and Wray Vamplew presents a template for the study of sports clubs’ transformation to commercial organizations. The model was developed in a study of how Bradford FC and Queen’s Park FC adapted to the emerging commercialization of society in the wake of the industrial revolution and the rapid growth of capitalism.

    Soccer & Society, Volume 21, 2020, Issue 4 | International Football History: Selected Submissions from the 2017 & 2018 Conferences

    Football, the most popular mass spectator sport in the world, has become a major social phenomenon since the late nineteenth century. Through the social prism of soccer, scholars across the world have tended to understand various aspects of life. The Forum Editor’s pick from the current issue: ‘MANY DETAILS REMAIN SKETCHY’: REVEALING THE ‘TRUTH’ BEHIND THE ORIGINS AND FORMATION OF STOKE CITY FOOTBALL CLUB by Martyn Dean Cooke.

    An impressively detailed study of local football paraphernalia, lavishly illustrated

    Bradford City AFC has been chronicled more thoroughly the many other, more successful and well-known clubs. Its most diligent historian is John Dewhirst, and three of his books on the subject are featured in Torbjörn Anderssons review, of which A History of Bradford City AFC in Objects: The definitive record of memorabilia from a hundred seasons of League football, 1903–1914 gets a proper review.

    VINCIT – an online journal dedicated to the history of Bradford sports

    The focus of sports historians has tended to be at a national level whereas VINCIT encourages understanding of local circumstances. Readers will discover an eclectic mix of articles including detailed features about the nineteenth century origins of sport in the city, articles about local sporting personalities and coverage of non-mainstream sports.
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