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    Super-extra-mega-ultralopp: En forskningspodd

    I den här podden, som startade hösten 2019, publicerar vi regelbundet korta avsnitt för att uppdatera hur projektet ”Super-extra-mega-ultralopp: Deltagande i extrema motionslopp som kulturellt fenomen” framskrider, var i processen vi befinner oss, pröva tolkningar, osv. Tanken är att den både ska fungera som ett sätt att sprida resultat och hålla kontakt med ”fältet”, men också som ett pedagogiskt sätt att visa och berätta hur ett kvalitativt, kulturvetenskapligt forskningsprojekt av det här slaget kan gå till. 

    Call for Papers | Fifth Annual Sport & Discrimination Conference | Autonomous University of Barcelona, May 29, 2020. Call ends January 17, 2020

    Discrimination cuts across traditional academic subjects and the ethos behind this conference is therefore to bring together experts from different subject areas to exchange ideas and explore what we can learn from one another.  We welcome presentations about all forms of discrimination across any sporting context.  As in previous years of Sport and Discrimination events, submissions may approach the conference from a variety of perspectives.

    Call for Manuscripts | “Global Intersectionality of Education, Sports, Race, and Gender” – a new book series from Pater Lang Publishing

    The books in this series will examine our understanding of race, gender, and the role education is playing in assisting in the global institutionalization of these social constructions. The goal of this series is to inform sport enthusiasts, college students, social justice oriented educators and researchers, policy makers, and other stakeholders about the role sport has in contributing to informing cultural ideology.

    Call for Papers | Challenging surfer identities and spaces | Raglan, Aotearoa New Zealand, 10–12 February 2016

    An international conference hosted by the University of Waikato for academics researching the socio-cultural aspects of surfing, to be held at Solscape overlooking the famous Whaingaroa Raglan break in Aotearoa New Zealand.
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