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    Curriculum Studies in Health and Physical Education, Volume 12, 2021, Issue 3

    CSHPE has a particular focus on social science research-based articles that make reference to other critical work in the field and/or discuss particular issues of practice-focused research within the specific professional field. The Forum Editor’s pick from the current issue: The relation between teaching physical education and discourses on body weight – an integrative review of research by Mikael Quennerstedt, Dean Barker, Anna Johansson & Peter Korp (open access).

    European Physical Education Review, Vol. 27, 2021, No. 4

    EPER is a journal that stimulates and presents scholarly enquiry in the broad field of physical education, including sport and leisure issues and research. The Forum Editor’s pick from the current issue: Students’ experiences and learning of social inclusion in team activities in physical education by Dag Ove G Hovdal, Tommy Haugen, Inger Beate Larsen, Bjørn Tore Johansen.
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