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    Maradona – hero, redeemer, martyr, god

    Diego Maradona: A Socio-Cultural Study, edited by Pablo Brescia & Mariano Paz (Routledge), looks at representations of Maradona across a wide variety of media, including literature, cinema, popular music, printed and online press, and radio. Russell Holden has read this first English-language Maradona study, and he is fascinated and delighted – as an academic, as a football fan, as a Maradona admirer. He also finds that the book offers a template for the study of other major historical sporting figures.

    Soccer & Society, Volume 22, 2021, Issue 6 | Soccer, Society, Culture, Nation: Select Contributions from Editorial Board Members

    Soccer, a.k.a (association) football is the most popular mass spectator sport in the world. Soccer & Society is the first international journal devoted to the game of soccer, and aims to focus on the game in the context of a more global world. The Forum Editor’s pick from the current issue: ’Developing a mental health research agenda for football referees by Paul Gorczynski & Tom Webb (open access).
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