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    European Sport Management Quarterly, Volume 20, 2020, Issue 5

    ESMQ publishes articles that contribute to our understanding of sport organizations. The Journal sets out to enhance our understanding of the role of sport management and sport bodies in social life. The Forum Editor’s pick from the current issue: GERMAN HANDBALL TV DEMAND: DID IT PAY FOR THE HANDBALL-BUNDESLIGA TO MOVE FROM FREE TO PAY TV? by Henk Erik Meier, Dominik Schreyer & Malte Jetzke.

    Philosophies, Open Access Journal | Special Issue, “Philosophical Issues in Sport Science”, edited by Emily Ryall

    This special issue brings together scholars working on philosophical problems in sport to provide a collection of articles focused on philosophical problems in sport science. Whilst there are notable published articles on philosophical problems in sport science, there has been no single edited collection of work in this area. As such, this special issue aims to contribute to this neglected area in the philosophy of sport.

    Journal of the Philosophy of Sport, Volume 46, 2019, Issue 2: Emotion in Sport and Games

    The Journal of the Philosophy of Sport provides a forum for discussion of philosophical issues – metaphysical, ethical, epistemological, aesthetic, or otherwise – arising in sport, games, play, dance, embodiment, and other motor-related activities. Special Section: Sport, Narrative, and Drama.

    Call for Papers | “Philosophical Issues in Sport Science” | Special Issue of Philosophies. Call ends May 1, 2019

    To what extent is it possible to accurately quantify or improve performance? Do technological innovations in officiating merely transfer authority from one entity to another? Does a technological solution to one issue in sport inevitably lead to a ‘revenge effect’ whereby another problem is created as a consequence? Is the research that drives changes to sport based upon reasonable scientific assumptions?

    Sport, Ethics and Philosophy, Volume 12, 2018, Issue 2

    Sport, Ethics and Philosophy publishes high quality articles from a wide variety of philosophical traditions, and is particularly open to essays of applied philosophy that engage with issues or practice, policy and scholarship concerning the nature and values of sports.

    A lecture series turned into a book that in turn turns the reader into a satisfied conference-goer

    Unsurprisingly, the Royal Institute of Philosophy’s 2012-2013 lecture series was organized around issues in sport. At long last we got round to asking Pam R. Sailors for a review of the book that ensued, Philosophy and Sport, edited by Anthony O’Hear (Cambridge UP), which was good because, as Pam shows most eloquently, it’s quite a valuable collection of essays.

    Approaching the Interworld of Play in Sports

    Of the four conferences on philosophy of play in recent years arranged by Malcolm MacLean, Wendy Russell and Emily Ryall, each of the first three appear in book form. In this review essay, Ejgil Jespersen looks particularly at the contributions that discuss play in relation to sports, but he finds the whole trilogy both commendable and recommendable.

    The Philosophy of Sport: Advances, Contours and Potentials of an Academic Discipline

    Kenneth Aggerholm has read Cesar R. Torres’ edited volume The Bloomsbury Companion to the Philosophy of Sport, where a number of proficient scholars converge and contribute to what amounts to a truly good companion.

    Ny bok om lekens och lekandets filosofi – rik men stundtals också krävande

    En konferens om lek vid University of Gloucestershire blev till en antologi, The Philosophy of Play under redaktörskap av Emily Ryall, Wendy Russell & Malcolm MacLean. Lars H Gustafssons grundliga, gedigna recension ger mersmak...

    Ordinär lärobok i angeläget ämne kan bota bristen på kritiskt tänkande

    Den brittiska filosofen Emily Ryall har skrivit en grundbok i kritiskt tänkande, Critical Thinking for Sports Students, åt Sage Publications’ lärobokserie Learning Matters. Det är en tämligen ordinär och habil lärobok, menar vår recensent Kutte Jönsson med visst gillande.
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