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    Social sporting innovations from Hogwarts to Bruges

    With her new anthology, Social Innovation in Sport (Palgrave Macmillan), Anne Tjönndal aims at providing fresh insights on how social innovations are utilized as strategies to make sport more accessible and inclusive. Our reviewer Alan Bairner is doubtful however, seeing sport’s adaptability to change as more often than not driven by market logics, since sport, he claims, is inherently conservative, reactionary even, in its refusal to change its core values and renew its traditional hierarchies.

    A most timely textbook on online research methods in sport studies

    Taking your research to the ’net was for many a reality before the corona pandemic, but as Daniel Bjärsholm points out in his review of Jamie Cleland’s, Kevin Dixon’s and Daniel Kilvington’s textbook Online Research Methods in Sport Studies (Routledge), it’s now a necessity to master online research rather than a preference. And for that purpose, this book is highly suitable. A few drawbacks aside it provides valuable insights for students and scholars alike.

    The International Journal of the History of Sport, Volume 36, 2019, Issue 17–18 | Beyond Twenty-Four Million Words: New Perspectives from IJHS Editors

    The International Journal of the History of Sport is the world’s leading sport history academic periodical with fully-refereed global coverage of the subject. The Forum Editor’s pick from the current issue: BATTING, RUNNING, AND ‘BURNING’ IN EARLY MODERN EUROPE: A CONTRIBUTION TO THE DEBATE ON THE ROOTS OF BASEBALL by Isak Lidström & Daniel Bjärsholm.

    Avhandling som løfter frem noen viktige spørsmål om idrettens rolle i samfunnet

    Den 7 februari 2020 försvarade Daniel Bjärsholm sin avhandling Idrott som medel – inte som mål: Förutsättningar för socialt entreprenörskap inom idrotten (Malmö universitet). Fakultetsopponent var Solveig Strame från Høgskolen i Molde, och det är också hon som svarar för forumets recension. Efter en genomgång och analys av artiklar och kappan konstaterar vår recensent att Bjärsholms argument för en vidare roll för idrottens ligger rätt i tiden.

    Disputation | Idrott som medel – inte som mål: Förutsättningar för socialt entreprenörskap inom idrott av Daniel Bjärsholm, Malmö universitet, den 7 februari 2020

    The aim of this compilation thesis is to examine and analyze the preconditions for conducting social entrepreneurship in sport. In sum, the thesis contributes with empirical examples of social entrepreneurial sport organisations; a theoretical understanding of the “social” dimension of social entrepreneurship in sport; an ethical discussion on the role of researchers; and a starting point when discussing the Swedish government support for sport.

    European Sport Management Quarterly, Volume 19, 2019, Issue 1

    The European Sport Management Quarterly (ESMQ) publishes articles that contribute to our understanding of how sport organizations are structured, managed and operated. The Journal sets out to enhance our understanding of the role of sport management and sport bodies in social life and the way social, political and economic forces and practices affect these organizations.

    European Journal for Sport and Society, Vol. 15, 2018, Issue 3

    The European Journal for Sport and Society is the official journal of the European Association for Sociology of Sport, EASS. Its function is to enable an international discussion about current issues and to foster collaboration between researchers from all social scientific sub-disciplines. It’s published 4 times per year.

    Important study, groundbreaking results, problematic conclusions

    Anne Tjønndal reviews an edited volume from Palgrave Macmillan, Sport and Social Entrepreneurship in Sweden by Tomas Peterson & Katarina Schenker. Our reviewer hails the study as an important contribution to the scholarly field of social innovation and entrepreneurship in sport, but she has serious misgivings about some of the concluding theses.

    An interesting and much-needed book that could have done better

    Innovation and entrepreneurship, social or not, in a sports setting is a new field within sport studies. Vanessa Ratten & João J. Ferreira’s edited volume Sport Entrepreneurship and Innovation (Routledge 2017) can possibly claim the spot of key text in this unplowed field, but according to our reviewer, Daniel Bjärsholm, its shortcomings may well prevent that.
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