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    Call for Papers | “Athlete power on the rise”, Play the Game 2019 | Colorado Springs, CO, October 13–16, 2019. Call ends April 23, 2019

    Play the Game 2019 invites athletes, sports officials, governments, academics, journalists, industry official and all other stakeholders in sport to share your knowledge, experience and opinions in Colorado Springs, from 13-16 October – at the 11th edition of a conference that has a history of more than 20 years as a cutting edge forum for independent and fact-based sports debate.

    Call for Papers | “International Federations and National Governing Bodies: The Historical Development of Institutional Policies in Response to Challenging Issues in Sport” | Special Issue of Sport History...

    This special issue will highlight institutional sport policies through a socio-historical lens. The methods organizations currently deploy to respond to challenges in sport have deep roots, shaped by the decision-makers at the local, national, and international levels. The ensuing policies therefore have also been shaped by prevailing notions of ability, class, gender, nationalism, and race.

    Call for Papers | “Reputational Management in Sport” | Special Issue of Journal of Global Sport Management. Call ends October 15, 2018

    This special issue seeks to advance scholarship as it relates to the advancement of reputation in sports management contexts, specifically as it relates to crisis communication, image repair, and methods of modern apologia. Intersections of sport, reputation, and society are all welcome, whether mediated, organizational, or interpersonal in nature.

    Call for Papers | The 10th International Play the Game Conference | Eindhoven, The Netherlands, November 26–30, 2017. Call ends August 7, 2017

    Play the Game is a unique forum for networking and professional exchange between 3-400 researchers, journalists, whistle-blowers, sports officials and people from the sports industry. We invite you, too, to submit an abstract/storyline and give your contribution to a more informed sports debate on a number of vital issues for modern sport.

    Call for Papers | “Sports Integrity: Ethics, Policy and Practice” | Special Issue of the Journal of Global Sport Management | Ends 2017-10-30

    Integrity in the playing and management of sport is becoming one of the critical issues of our time. Actions that undermine the integrity of sport run the risk of undermining the business of sport and putting the jobs and economic value of a whole sector in jeopardy. Manuscripts are currently being solicited that identify the critical ethical issues that arise in the topic under discussion.

    Call for Papers | “Ethics of Sports” | 3rd Udo-Steinberg-Symposium, Annual Symposium for Applied Sports Research 2016

    Sport has always played an important role in societies which is also due to its ethical values and ideas. Sport can help to transfer ethical values like fairness, tolerance.The Udo-Steinberg-Symposium on “Ethics and Sports” cordially invites you and your colleagues/peers to submit a scientific or practical abstract/paper to be considered for presentation at the symposium.

    Call for Participation | Power and Corruption: Sporting Mega-Events, International Sports Organisations and the Future of Sport | Mansfield College, Oxford, UK, Sept. 23, 2015

    The workshop is a space to share work, grapple with ideas and ask questions. Discussions will be driven by two key questions: how does power corrupt international sport and sports mega-events? And how can modern, international sport reform itself?

    Call for Papers | Joint Special Issue of ESMQ 2017, Vol. 17 (1) | Corruption in sport & Sport management issues in an era of austerity

    Corruption in sport Guest Editors Associate Professor Lisa. A. Kihl, University of Minnesota Dr. Terry Engelberg, Griffith University Professor James Skinner, Loughborough University Professor Stephen Moston, University of Canberra Sport corruption is a worldwide threat to the integrity of sport, creating significant challenges for sport management scholars and practitioners. The sport industry has experienced multiple forms of corruption (e.g., fraud, bribery) that has ranged in...
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