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    Call for Papers | Between Social Discipline and Pleasure: The Politics and Practices of Play and Games in State Socialism | Conference at Max Planck Institute for Human Development,...

    The aim of the conference is to compare and analyze the politics and practices of play in state socialism to shed light on a field (of power) where actors symbolically experiment with and negotiate forms of querulent behavior. Additionally it is the aim to conceptualize “Political rule and authority as a social practice”. Some types of gaming, games of chances, were defined as incompatible with socialist norms.

    Call for Papers | Playing at the Boundaries: An Interdisciplinary Forum on Play in Children’s Literature, Media and Culture | University of Cambridge, September 12–14. 2019. Call ends February...

    We encourage scholars from the fields of children’s literature, screen studies, games studies, media and communication, material culture and, of course, scholars studying play from both theoretical and empirical perspectives, to join us in considering the latent metacritical potentials of play and its diverse modes and forms in bridging disciplinary divides.

    Call for Papers | Inaugural Workshop on the Philosophy of Games | Salt Lake City, Oct. 14–15, 2016

    This workshop aims to unite the various strands of work on the philosophy of games. Furthermore, the workshop aims to unite the discussion of the many forms of games, including videogames, sports, board games, card games, role playing games, and more.

    Konference om Projekt Byens Leg og forskning i leg ved Gerlev Legepark og Center for forskning i Idræt, Sundhed og Civilsamfund, Syddansk Universitet (CISC)

    ”Med leg skal land bygges”. En omskrivning af et kendt motto, som passer godt på den store interesse, der er omkring leg som fysisk aktivitet i disse år. Byens Leg et er projekt, som har sat gang i legen hos 200.000 børn og unge.

    Call for Papers: Games of Late Modernity. Johan Huizinga’s Homo Ludens 75 Years Later (January 15-17 2014)

    Games of Late Modernity: Johan Huizinga’s Homo Ludens 75 Years Later (January 15-17 2014). An Interdisciplinary Conference on Play as the grounding Structure of Reality The end of this year will be marked by the 75th anniversary of Johan Huizinga’s classic study of the Homo Ludens. Its main thesis is as striking as it is simple: Culture is founded on and as...
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