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    Postdoc i frivillighed og civilsamfund till Syddansk Universitet, Odense | Ansök senast den 26 maj 2024

    Kandidaten vil primært indgå i projekter omhandlende frivillighed i foreninger og de roller, foreninger kan spille for medlemmer og det lokale samfund (f.eks. demokratisk funktion, integration og livskvalitet). En primær opgave vil være at bidrage til design af og være ansvarlig for dataindsamling, der omfatter både kvantitative og kvalitative metoder. Kandidaten vil også skulle bidrage til dataanalyse og formidling – både til forskning og praksis (f.eks. rapporter, artikler og præsentationer).

    Call for Papers | Impact Evaluation of Community Sport Programmes and “Sport Social Work Practices”, Special Issue of Social Inclusion. Call ends April 15, 2024

    For this thematic issue, we invite scholars and sport/social workers around the world to submit papers that increase our insight into the impact of community sport programs and sport social work practices as well as research papers that contribute to the practice of conducting an impact evaluation within this context. Sport participation has been associated with positive outcomes beyond physical health, such as increased social capital and mental wellbeing.

    Call For Papers | Social Class, Physical Education and Community Sport, Edited Collection (Routledge 2025) | Call ends October 31, 2023

    We already have 10 excellent chapters included in the proposal exploring social class using the following: Gramscian theory, Archer’s ‘morphogenic’ approach, Bourdieusian sociology, Eliasian & figurational sociology, grounded theory, Foucauldian approaches, Nel Noddings’ ‘ethics of care’, and Freirian approaches. However, we would like to complement these chapters with 2-4 additional chapters through this open ‘call for papers’.

    Call for Papers | “Publics that matter: Sociology of sport in our local communities”, ISSA 2023 World Congress of Sociology of Sport | Ottawa, Canada, August 14–17, 2023

    The theme of the 2023 Annual Congress for the ISSA takes this call to “engage [our] various publics” as its point of departure and extends this call to question how we define and then work with, within and through our “various publics” in our research, scholarship, and teaching. In particular, we invite scholars to share their insights on and experiences of engaging in research, scholarship and teaching with, within and through their local communities.

    Call for Chapters | Participatory Research in Sport and Exercise, Edited Volume | Call ends June 1, 2022

    In this edited volume, we bring together chapters from a variety of experts to critically discuss the practicalities of “doing” participatory research in sport and exercise. The focus on “how to” conduct this kind of research is novel and represents an important resource for students and researchers interested in diverse approaches to knowledge production. The volume will be a timely and useful resource for a variety of graduate level methodology courses in these disciplines.

    Call for Papers | Frontiers Research Topic: “Engaging Women and Girls in Community Sport: Building an Equitable and Inclusive Future” | Call ends May 6, 2021

    Internationally, women and girls are consistently reported to have lower levels of engagement in community sport than men and boys. The aim of this Research Topic is to showcase high-quality research related to women and girls in community sport. This is to inform policy makers and guide organizations in their efforts to build a more equitable and inclusive future for women and girls in community sport.

    Call for Papers | “Community Sport Development: Managing Change and Measuring Impact” | Special Issue of Managing Sport and Leisure. Call ends October 30, 2019

    This special issue is inspired by recent developments within community sport which has seen a continual redefinition of the roles and responsibilities of community sport organisations. This special issue seeks to generate interest in, and collating best practice examples concerning the management of change and measurement of impact within community sport and leisure organisations.

    Call for Papers | “Community sport and social inclusion: International perspectives” | Special issue of Sport in Society. Call ends October 15, 2017

    This volume seeks to bring together the latest cutting-edge research related to the dynamics of inclusion/exclusion in community sport, as well as the broader outcomes and impacts that community sport programmes/events may have in promoting, or hindering, social inclusion in other areas of life, such as employment, education and migrant integration.
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