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    Insightful case study of the impact of a major sports event on its host city: UEFA Euro 2012 in Poznań, Poland

    What did UEFA Euro 2012 do to its Polish host city Poznań? This is what Malgorzata Zofia Kowalska tries to find out in her study Urban Politics of a Sporting Mega Event: Legitimacy and Legacy of Euro 2012 in Anthropological Perspective (Palgrave Macmillan). Our reviewer is Christian Tolstrup Jensen, and he is quite impressed with Kowalska’s approach and results.

    Well-structured handbook on sport event management with a practice perspective

    Milena Parent and Jean-Loup Chappelet have collected 21 contributions for the Routledge Handbook of Sports Event Management, by altogether 36 scholars in the field. Our reviewer is Christian Tolstrup Jensen, and while he offers som suggestions that he feels would improve the quality of the handbook, he is nevertheless quite happy with the collection as it is.

    Celebration capitalism abound in the world of sport mega-events

    In Mega-Events and Globalization: Capital and spectacle in a changing world order (Routledge), editors Richard Gruneau and John Horne (red) present original contributions from leading international scholars. Our reviewer Christian Tolstrup Jensen is quite happy with the papers that are generally short and easily read, showing similarities across the cases and through the concepts and theories.
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