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    Grasshoppers in the House: The Return of Bernard Suits

    Return of the Grasshopper: Games, Leisure and the Good Life in the Third Millennium by Bernard Suits with editors Christopher C. Yorke and Francisco Javier López Frías (Routledge) is published in its full and unabridged form for the first time, 16 years after Suits’ death. Pam R. Sailors has read the book on our behalf, and she lauds editors Yorke and Frias for bringing Suits’ final effort to publication. She also congratulates sport scholars everywhere for getting a second grasshopper in their library. The book is, quite simply, a must-read.

    Call for Papers | “Bernard Suits’ Legacy: New Inspirations and Interpretations” | Special issue of Sport, Ethics, and Philosophy. Call ends October 30, 2017

    Ten years after the death of Bernard Suits (1925-2007), the influence of his ideas on the philosophy of sport is still very strong. This special issue of Sport, Ethics, and Philosophy is dedicated to philosophical and moral questions related to Bernard Suit’s legacy. We welcome in particular papers dealing with new ideas and interpretations of Suits.

    Do we need a definition of games? Re-encounter with a philosophical classic and an epistemological controversy

    Bernard Suits’ 1978 book The Grasshopper: Games, Life and Utopia has been hailed as a classic text within the philosophy of sport, and is now in its third edition (Broadview Press), In his review, Henning Eichberg considers the fundamental assumptions in the book, particularly the need for definitions, and finds them unhelpful in understanding the full strength of the author’s argument.