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    Journal of Sport and Exercise Psychology, Volume 44, 2022, Issue 3

    JSEP publishes peer-reviewed research articles by leading world scholars that explore the interactions between psychology and exercise and sport performance, and more. The Forum Editor’s pick from the current issue: Attitudes of Sport Fans Toward the Electronic Sign-Stealing Scandal in Major League Baseball: Differing Associations With Perfectionism and Excellencism by Patrick Gaudreau, Benjamin J.I. Schellenberg.

    Journal of Intercollegiate Sport, Volume 14, 2021, Issue 2

    The Journal of Intercollegiate Sport (JIS), an open access journal supported by the University of Kansas, provides an exciting forum for research specifically addressing sport in college and university settings. The Forum Editor’s pick from the current issue: The Career Experiences of Female Registered Dietitians in NCAA Division I Athletic Departments by Robin Hardin, Lauren Antle, Lauren Beasley.

    Journal of Clinical Sport Psychology, Volume 15, 2021, Issue 3

    JCSP seeks to promote an understanding of theory, technique, and empirical findings specifically related to clinical sport psychology. The Forum Editor’s pick from the current issue: Exploring the Association Between Sport Participation and Symptoms of Anxiety and Depression in a Sample of Canadian High School Students by Jessica Murphy, Karen A. Patte, Philip Sullivan, Scott T. Leatherdale (open access).

    Women in Sport and Physical Activity Journal, Volume 28, 2020, Number 1

    Women in Sport and Physical Activity Journal (WSPAJ) is a peer-reviewed scholarly journal devoted to advancing the understanding of women in sport and physical activity. Editor’s pick from the current issue: “IT’S JUST A LOT DIFFERENT BEING MALE THAN FEMALE IN THE SPORT”: AN EXPLORATION OF THE GENDERED CULTURE AROUND BODY PRESSURES IN COMPETITIVE FIGURE SKATING by Dana K. Voelker, Justine J. Reel.
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