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    Call for Papers | “Unstructured entanglements of human leisure and non-human animal life”, Special Issue of World Leisure Journal. Call ends July 31, 2023

    In multifarious non-structured ways, human leisure entangles with animal life without any pre-design or mediation. These entanglements create outcomes that may be welcomed or not, beneficial or not, dangerous or not, divisive or not, for all participants, both animal and human. We invite papers, therefore, for a special issue of the World Leisure Journal that focuses on the unstructured entanglements of animals and human leisure.

    Call for Papers | “Unstructured entanglements of human leisure and non-human animal life”, special session at the World Leisure Congress 2023 | Dunedin, New Zealand, December 11–15, 2023. Call...

    Human leisure entangles with animal life in multifarious non-structured ways. This session will explore these unstructured entanglements. It aims to continue knowledge creation on the role, experience, treatment, welfare, and rights of animals in human leisure. By addressing this vast array of unstructured entanglements, humans will continue to learn about their role in animal lives and vice versa, which will assist people and animals to live well together.

    Call for Papers | “Sport and species: How games, sports, and physical culture affect other animals”, Special Issue of Sport, Ethics and Philosophy | Call ends January 15, 2022

    This special issue aims to identify and address the fundamental ethical issues related to animal sports and games. It seeks to address whether humans are at all justified in using and involving animals for their sporting and recreational purposes, should the acceptance of animals in these activities be unconstrained, or ought limits to be set on sporting use. What are the duties owed to animals before, during, and after their use in sport? This special issue invites the submission of papers on this topic.

    Call for Papers | Sport, Animals, & Ethics Conference | Online conference, hosted by the University of New Brunswick & Miami University in Oxford, Ohio, May 25–29, 2021. Call...

    We invite a multidisciplinary audience. Those with expertise in philosophy, ethics, environmentalism, law, sport, recreation, leisure, and other fields are encouraged to participate with the understanding that the conference theme is focused on ethics and the interplay of sports and animals. Submissions are welcome from all academics, including graduate students and freelance writers. 

    Medverka i denna viktiga studie om sociala medier och hästars välfärd!

    Under senare år har frågor om hästens välfärd debatterats på sociala medier. Det kan handla om nosgrimmor, vilket bett som ska användas eller hästars sjukdomar. Många av oss söker information på internet, men hur gör vi? Hur påverkar det vår egen och hästens vardag? Den här studiens syfte är att forma en bättre miljö för häst och människa.
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