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    Gender and mega-events – a multifaceted phenomenon

    Featuring a range of mega-event case studies and conceptual discussions, Katherine Dashper’s edited collection Sport, Gender and Mega-Events (Emerald) and considers how these highly mediatised global phenomena both reflect and help shape broader ideas about gender, sex and identity in and beyond sport. Sepandarmaz Mashreghi is our reviewer, and having some doubts as to the transforming powers of mega-events in terms of gender inequalities within sports, she still finds the collection to be a valuable contribution to the issue of sport mega-event and gender.

    Communication & Sport, Vol. 11, 2023, No. 3

    C&S is a cutting-edge peer-reviewed quarterly that publishes research to foster international scholarly understanding of the nexus of communication and sport that engages a broad intellectual community. The Forum Editor’s pick from the current issue: Wearable Fitness Devices: An Investigation into Co-constructed Meaning of Use by Matthew Blaszka, Natasha A. Rascon.

    Leisure Studies, Volume 42, 2023, Issue 2

    The emphasis of Leisure Studies is on theoretically informed critical analyses within the social sciences and humanities of the topics that constitute leisure as a subject field – including the arts, tourism, sport and more. The Forum Editor’s pick from the current issue: Young surfers finding their wave: telling the tale of enskilment in surf places by Alex Prins & Brian Wattchow.

    Excellent collection of essays that contributes to a well-explored field

    Athlete Activism: Contemporary Perspectives, edited by Rory Magrath (Routledge) examines the phenomenon of athlete activism across all levels of sport, from elite and international sport, to collegiate and semi-pro, and asks what this tells us about the relationship between sport and wider society. Our reviewer Steph Doehler finds that the collection, albeit less international than proclaimed, still expands knowledge in the field – besides being both insightful and thoroughly entertaining.

    Managing Sport and Leisure, Volume 27, 2022, Issue 6

    Managing Sport and Leisure is a refereed journal that publishes high quality research articles to inform and stimulate discussions relevant to sport and leisure management globally. The Forum Editor’s pick from the current issue: United as one: the 2026 FIFA Men’s World Cup hosting vision and the symbolic politics of legacy bt Adam Scott Beissel & Geoffery Z. Kohe.

    Soccer & Society, Volume 23, 2022, Issue 8 | Football, Racism(s) and Digital Media

    Soccer, a.k.a (association) football is the most popular mass spectator sport in the world. Soccer & Society is the first international journal devoted to the game of soccer, and aims to focus on the game in the context of a more global world. The Forum Editor’s pick from the current issue: Should I stay (at home) or should I go (to the stadium)? Why will some football supporters not return to the stadium after the COVID-19 pandemic in German Bundesliga? by Uwe Wilkesmann.

    This strong anthology makes a significant contribution to the study of women’s sport

    As women’s sport continues to grow and develop there is an increasing need to critically examine the conditions in which women as athletes operate. Ali Bowes’ and Alex Culvin’s anthology The Professionalisation of Women’s Sport: Issues and Debates (Emerald Publishing) discusses the processes of professionalisation in women’s sports. Our reviewer is Alan Bairner, and he underlines that women’s professional sport needs to learn from the mistakes that have been made in men’s professional sport.

    Journal of Legal Aspects of Sport, Vol 31, 2021, Issue 2

    JLAS serves as an interdisciplinary outlet for legal issues in the sport, recreation, and related fields to meet the needs of researchers, academicians, practitioners, and policymakers. The Forum Editor’s pick from the current issue: Addressing Gender Discrimination in the NBA with a “Hammon” Rule by Moetiz Samad (open access).

    Journal of Sport & Tourism, Volume 25, 2021, Issue 3

    The Journal of Sport & Tourism (JS&T) aims to publish research that makes a clear contribution, substantively, theoretically or methodologically, to the body of knowledge relating to all aspects of the relationship between sport and tourism. The Forum Editor’s pick from the current issue: Travelling to Bundesliga matches: the carbon footprint of football fans by Christian Loewen & Pamela Wicker.

    European Sport Management Quarterly, Volume 21, 2021, Issue 3

    ESMQ publishes articles that contribute to our understanding of sport organizations. The Journal sets out to enhance our understanding of the role of sport management and sport bodies in social life. The Forum Editor’s pick from the current issue: A bright spot for a small league: social media performance in a football league without a COVID-19 lockdown by Daniel Weimar, Lisa Carola Holthoff & Rui Biscaia.
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