Sports Health: A Multidisciplinary Approach, Vol. 9, 2017, No. 2


Sports Injury Prevention
Edward M. Wojtys

Focus Topic: Injury Prevention

Bone Health in Athletes: The Role of Exercise, Nutrition, and Hormones
Marci A. Goolsby, Nicole Boniquit

Physical Activity–Related Injury Profile in Children and Adolescents According to Their Age, Maturation, and Level of Sports Participation
Lara Costa e Silva, Maria Isabel Fragoso, Júlia Teles

The Athletic Shoe in Football: Apparel or Protective Equipment?
James Jastifer, Richard Kent, Jeff Crandall, Chris Sherwood, David Lessley, Kirk A. McCullough∥, Michael J. Coughlin, Robert B. Anderson

Growing Pains: When to Be Concerned
Patrick J. Lehman, Rebecca L. Carl

Overuse Physeal Injuries in Youth Athletes: Risk Factors, Prevention, and Treatment Strategies
Amanda Arnold, Charles A. Thigpen, Paul F. Beattie, Michael J. Kissenberth, Ellen Shanley

Current Research

High School Sport Specialization Patterns of Current Division I Athletes
Eric G. Post, Jill M. Thein-Nissenbaum, Mikel R. Stiffler, M. Alison Brooks, David R. Bell, Jennifer L. Sanfilippo, Stephanie M. Trigsted, Bryan C. Heiderscheit, Timothy A. McGuine

Withdrawals and Retirements in Professional Tennis Players: An Analysis of 2013 United States Tennis Association Pro Circuit Tournaments
Matthew J. Hartwell, Sandra M. Fong, Alexis C. Colvin

Fear of Reinjury in Athletes: Implications for Rehabilitation
Chao-Jung Hsu, Adam Meierbachtol, Steven Z. George, Terese L. Chmielewski

Sex Differences in Anthropometrics and Heading Kinematics Among Division I Soccer Athletes: A Pilot Study
Abigail C. Bretzin, Jamie L. Mansell, Ryan T. Tierney, Jane K. McDevitt

Validity and Reliability of the Vestibular/Ocular Motor Screening and Associations With Common Concussion Screening Tools
Amy M. Yorke, Laura Smith, Mitch Babcock, Bara Alsalaheen

Sports-Related Emergency Preparedness in Oregon High Schools
Samuel T. Johnson, Marc F. Norcross, Viktor E. Bovbjerg, Mark A. Hoffman, Eunwook Chang, Michael C. Koester

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