Sports Health: A Multidisciplinary Approach, Vol. 11, 2019, No. 6


The Team Physician
Edward M. Wojtys

Focus Topic: Head Injury

Vestibulo-Ocular Reflex Function in Adolescents With Sport-Related Concussion: Preliminary Results
Abdulaziz A. Alkathiry, Anthony P. Kontos, Joseph M. Furman, Susan L. Whitney, Eric R. Anson, and Patrick J. Sparto

Sex-Based Differences in the Incidence of Sports-Related Concussion: Systematic Review and Meta-analysis
Jennifer Cheng, Brittany Ammerman, Kristen Santiago, Bridget Jivanelli, Emerald Lin, Ellen Casey, and Daphne Ling

The Buffalo Concussion Bike Test for Concussion Assessment in Adolescents
Mohammad N. Haider, Samantha L. Johnson, Rebekah Mannix, Alexander J. Macfarlane, Dylan Constantino, Blair D. Johnson, Barry Willer, and John Leddy

Sports-Related Concussion in Adolescent Gaelic Games Players
Siobhán O’Connor, Kieran Moran, Cian Burke, and Enda Whyte

Repetitive Head Impacts in Youth Football: Description and Relationship to White Matter Structure
Kurt J. Nilsson, Hilary G. Flint, Yong Gao, Leslie Kendrick, Steve Cutchin, Ryoko Pentecost, and Kristi Pardue

Current Research

Epidemiology of Injuries in Ice Hockey
Gregory R. Anderson, Heath P. Melugin, and Michael J. Stuart

Return to Sport After Arthroscopic Superior Labral Anterior-Posterior Repair: A Systematic Review
Aarabi Thayaparan, James Yu, Nolan S. Horner, Timothy Leroux, Bashar Alolabi, and Moin Khan

Psychosocial Barriers After Anterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction: A Clinical Review of Factors Influencing Postoperative Success
Julie P. Burland, Jennifer L. Toonstra, and Jennifer S. Howard

Variability in Baseball Throwing Metrics During a Structured Long-Toss Program: Does One Size Fit All or Should Programs Be Individualized?
Nels D. Leafblad, Dirk R. Larson, Glenn S. Fleisig, Stan Conte, Stephen A. Fealy, Joshua S. Dines, John D’Angelo, and Christopher L. Camp

Association of Splenic Rupture and Infectious Mononucleosis: A Retrospective Analysis and Review of Return-to-Play Recommendations
Jillian E. Sylvester, Benjamin K. Buchanan, Scott L. Paradise, Joshua J. Yauger, and Anthony I. Beutler

Isolated Axillary Nerve Injury in an Elite High School American Football Player: A Case Report
Daniel T. Probst, Susan E. Mackinnon, and Heidi Prather

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