Sport Sciences for Health, Vol. 17, 2021, Issue 4

Open Access
From in vitro research to real life studies: an extensive narrative review of the effects of balneotherapy on human immune response
M. C. Maccarone, G. Magro, U. Solimene, A. Scanu, S. Masiero

Historical overview of injury prevention in traditional martial arts
Assel Tulendiyeva, Timur Saliev, Zhanar Andassova, Aldos Issabayev, Ildar Fakhradiyev

Potential role of Nigella sativa supplementation with physical activity in prophylaxis and treatment of COVID-19: a contemporary review
Hossein Shirvani, Fatemeh Rostamkhani, Ehsan Arabzadeh, Faezeh Mohammadi, Fatemeh Mohammadi

Effects of CrossFit training on lipid profiles, body composition and physical fitness in overweight men
Reza Dehghanzadeh Suraki, Mahdi Mohsenzade, Ramires Alsamir Tibana, Sajad Ahmadizad

The effect of combined resistance aerobic exercise training on concentrations of asprosin and complement C1q tumor necrosis factor-related protein-1 in men with type 2 diabetes
Mehdi Zarei, Javad Nakhzari Khodakheyr, Amin Rashidlamir, Amir Montazeri

Acute growth hormone response to concurrent strength–sprint training with different orders in strength-trained men
Davoud Bayat, Vahid Tadibi

Trunk stabilization, body balance, body perception, and quality of life in professional physically disabled and able-bodied archers
Ibrahim Arkin, Miray Budak

Effect of moderate intensity aerobic exercise training on electrophysiological and biochemical correlates of sleep
Anam Aseem, Neera Chaudhry, Mohammed Ejaz Hussain

Regular resistance training favorably affects central artery stiffness response following transient resistance exercise
Kaname Tagawa, Song-Gyu Ra, Youngju Choi, Toru Yoshikawa, Hiroshi Kumagai, Seiji Maeda

The effects of endurance exercise training and methadone on acute and chronic pain responses in morphine-dependent rats going through the withdrawal syndrome
Mahmoud Moezie, Maghsoud Peeri, Hasan Matin Homaee

Comparison of two manual therapy approaches combined with exercise on pain, strength and electromyographic muscle activity in athletes with subacute mechanical low back pain
Saurabh Sharma, Samreena Akmal, Shalini Sharma

Good functional outcomes in patient’s age > 40 years after anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction with hamstring tendon graft: a retrospective study
Ravi Gupta, Anil Kapoor, Akash Singhal, Bharath Mali Patil, Manharjot Malhi, Gladson David Masih

Acute and delayed impairments of muscle function after a sprint training session performed at different exercise regimens
Juliano Dal Pupo, Rafael Lima Kons, Jonathan Barth, Jonathan Ache-Dias

The comparison of biomechanics of kayak paddling between para-kayakers and elite able-bodied kayakers: a pilot study
Yoshifumi Kono, Tetsuhiko Sakamitsu, Junpei Sasadai, Mitsuki Yamamoto, Kana Okamoto, Kai Ushio, Yukio Mikami, Hiroaki Kimura, Nobuo Adachi

Influence of stress relaxation and load during static stretching on the range of motion and muscle–tendon passive stiffness
Taizan Fukaya, Masatoshi Nakamura, Shigeru Sato, Ryosuke Kiyono, Kaoru Yahata, Kazuki Inaba, Satoru Nishishita, Hideaki Onishi

The time course of recovery of indirect markers of exercise-induced muscle damage induced by multi- and single-joint exercises
Marcelo G. Pompermayer, Régis Radaelli, Clarissa M. Brusco, Bruno M. Baroni, Eduardo L. Cadore, Pedro Lopez, Álvaro Reischak-Oliveira, Ronei S. Pinto

COVID-19 pandemic impacts physical activity levels and sedentary time but not sleep quality in young badminton athletes
Arilene Maria Silva Santos, Fabrício Eduardo Rossi, Helton Pereira Santos Nunes de Moura, Antonio Valdeci Marreiro Sousa Junior, Dionis C. D. Machado, Lucas Melo Neves, Aldeni Silva Brito, Pedro Moura, Paula Alves Monteiro, Ismael Forte Freitas Junior, Marcos Antonio Pereira Santos, Sérgio Luiz Galan Ribeiro

Correcting movement syndromes: the role of training load and its effects on muscle activity
Kelton Mehls, Brandon Grubbs, Sandra Stevens, Sarah Martinez, Ying Jin, John Coons

The impact of 10 weeks of Pilates exercises on the thoracic and lumbar curvatures of female college students
Fereshteh Ahmadi, Ali Safari Variani, Aboozar Saadatian, Sakineh Varmazyar

Individuals’ depression and anxiety might be influenced by the level of physical activity and expertise: a pilot study on elite volleyball players and amateur athletes
Maria Grazia Vaccaro, Maurizio Bertollo, Laura Guidetti, Aldo Quattrone, Gian Pietro Emerenziani

A five-year clinical audit of concussive injuries in South African collegiate male rugby players—a South African experience
Lovemore Kunorozva, Riaan Tonder, Lindsay Starling, James C. Brown, Pierre L. Viviers, Elton W. Derman

Neuromuscular and functional responses in professional soccer players during pre-season: implications for injury prevention
Alex Souto Maior, Rafael Teixeira Lopes

Open Access
Feasibility of a combined supervised and home-based whole-body vibration intervention in children after inpatient oncological treatment
J. Daeggelmann, S. Otten, A. Prokop, V. Maas, F. Streckmann, W. Bloch, V. Oschwald

Energy matching of a high-intensity exercise protocol with a low-intensity exercise protocol in young people
Lindsay Bottoms, Neil Howlett, Angel Chater, Andy Jones, Julia Jones, Solange Wyatt, Silvana E. Mengoni, Shivani Sharma, Karen Irvine, Daksha Trivedi, David Wellsted

Effects of caffeine ingestion on upper and lower limb muscle power of handball players: a double-blind, placebo-controlled, crossover study
Julio Cesar Correia Rocha, André Luiz Silva Rocha, Gutemberg Silva Santos Soares, Carlos Rafaell Correia-Oliveira

Open Access
Correction to: Feasibility of a combined supervised and home‑based whole‑body vibration intervention in children after inpatient oncological treatment
J. Daeggelmann, S. Otten, A. Prokop, V. Maas, F. Streckmann, W. Bloch, V. Oschwald

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