Sport Sciences for Health, Vol. 17, 2021, Issue 2


High-intensity interval training in cardiac rehabilitation
Katie Kramps, Abbi Lane-Cordova

Teeth clenching can modify the muscle contraction strength of the lower or upper limbs: systematic review
Bárbara Capitanio Souza, Randhall Bruce Carteri, André Luiz Lopes, Bruno Costa Teixeira

Original Articles

Health-related body composition and muscle strength in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu practitioners
Daniele Detanico, Rafael Lima Kons, Jorge Nelson Silva Junior, Diego Luiz Bittencourt, Rodrigo Ghedini Gheller

Relationship between vastus lateralis muscle ultrasound echography, knee extensors rate of torque development, and jump height in professional soccer athletes
Conrado Torres Laett, Victor Cossich, Rodrigo Araujo Goes, Ubiratã Gavilão, Alex Rites, Carlos Gomes Oliveira

Impact of retrowalking on pain, range of motion, muscle fatigability, and balance in collegiate athletes with chronic mechanical low back pain
Sumbul Ansari, Shahid Raza, Pooja Bhati

Intermittent pneumatic compression changes heart rate recovery and heart rate variability after short term submaximal exercise in collegiate basketball players: a cross-over study
Zoya Khan, Irshad Ahmad, Mohd Ejaz Hussain

Associations between Vpeak, vLT and 10-km running performance in recreational runners
Cecília Segabinazi Peserico, Júlio César Camargo Alves, Fabiana Andrade Machado

Does sex, distance and performance level influence the pacing strategy of race walkers?
Danilo L. Alves, Ramon Cruz, Crystina L. B. P. Bara, Maria A. Ruy-Barbosa, Raul Osiecki, Jorge R. P. Lima

Time course of changes in range of motion, muscle shear elastic modulus, spinal excitability, and muscle temperature during superficial icing
Ryosuke Kiyono, Shigeru Sato, Kazuki Inaba, Kaoru Yahata, Masatoshi Nakamura

One-year cessation following resistance training differently affects neuromuscular, body composition, and functional capacity in older adults
Ewertton de S. Bezerra, Lucas B. R. Orssatto, Silas N. Oliveira, Raphael L. Sakugawa, Alex S. Ribeiro, Fernando Diefenthaeler, Antonio R. P. Moro

Better and early recovery in ACL reconstructed elite players with addition of core stability exercises in postoperative rehabilitation program
Ravi Gupta, Sudhir Rana, Anil Kapoor, Bharath Patil, Varun Sachdeva, Gladson David Masih

Open Access
Aerobic fitness is a potential crucial factor in protecting paralympic athletes with locomotor impairments from atherosclerotic cardiovascular risk
Marco Bernardi, Silvio Romano, Maria Rosaria Squeo, Emanuele Guerra, Paolo Emilio Adami, Federica Alviti, Antonella Mattei, Loretta Corsi, Riccardo Lanzano, Pietro Giacomo Curatulo, Dimitri Mandolesi, Fabiana Parisi, Barbara Giacinto, Donatella Dante, Claudio Marini, Evgeny Mashkovskiy, Francisco Javier Ordonez, Antonio Spataro

Cardiac autonomic response to aerobic exercise with different levels of blood flow restriction in pre-hypertensive men
Julio Cezar Schamne, Cleverson Motin, Rafael Carlos Sochodolak, Adriano Eduardo Lima-Silva, Nilo Massaru Okuno

The impacts of an eight-week moderate aerobic exercise training on some gene expression involved in cholesterol metabolism in ovariectomized rats
Maryam Emamian Rostami, Rozita Fathi, Khadijeh Nasiri

Open Access
The effect of daily walking exercise on sleep quality in healthy young adults
Feifei Wang, Szilvia Boros

The effect of a periodized small-sided games intervention in hurling on physical and physiological measures of performance
Shane Malone, John Keane, Adam Owen, Giuseppe Coratella, Damien Young, Kieran Collins

Open Access
Selected components of physical fitness in rhythmic and artistic youth gymnast
Luca Russo, Stefano Palermi, Wissem Dhahbi, Sunčica Delaš Kalinski, Nicola Luigi Bragazzi, Johnny Padulo

Association between total and regional body fat to bone parameters of university athletes
Priscila Custódio Martins, Tiago Rodrigues Lima, Mikael Seabra Moraes, Diego Augusto Santos Silva

Relationship between children physical activity, inflammatory mediators and lymphocyte activation: possible impact of social isolation (COVID-19)
Murilo Merlin, Heloisa Helena Oliveira, Maria Elizabeth Pereira Passos, Cesar Miguel Momesso, Laiane Cristina Santos de Oliveira, Juliana Exel Santana, Adriana C. Levada-Pires, Elaine Hatanaka, Sandro Massao-Hirabara, Renata Guaré, Maria Fernanda Cury-Boaventura, Tania C. Pithon-Curi, Renata Gorjão

Barriers to physical activity during the COVID-19 pandemic in adults: a cross-sectional study
Breno Quintella Farah, Wagner Luiz Prado, Neal Malik, Mara Cristina Lofrano-Prado, Paulo Henrique Melo, Joao Paulo Botero, Gabriel Grizzo Cucato, Marilia Correia, Raphael Mendes Ritti-Dias

Resting metabolic rate: a comparison between different measurement methods used in male university students
Déborah Cristina Souza Marques, Andressa Alves Coelho, Fabiano Mendes Oliveira, Marilene Ghiraldi Souza, Ariana Ferrari, Isabela Ramos Mariano, Braulio Henrique Magnani Branco

Open Access
COVID-19 nationwide lockdown and physical activity profiles among North-western Italian population using the International Physical Activity Questionnaire (IPAQ)
Federico Abate Daga, Samuel Agostino, Serenella Peretti, Luca Beratto

A four-experiment examination of ankle kinetics, kinematics and lateral ligament strains during different conditions: an examination using musculoskeletal simulation
Jonathan Sinclair, Nachiappan Chockalingam, Benjamin Sant, Joseph Pickles, Robert Graydon

Short Communication

Many medals, but few interventions: the paradox of sports psychology research and Olympic combat sports
Alexandro Andrade, Fábio Hech Dominski, Leonardo Vidal Andreato

Letters to Editor

The social media gym-class: another lesson learnt from COVID-19 lockdown
Lucia Cugusi, Andrea Di Blasio, Marco Bergamin

Open Access
From high-quality assistance to emergency orthopaedics during COVID-19 pandemic: a northern Italy scenario for sports medicine
Marco Bigoni, Filippo Maria Anghilieri, Massimiliano Piatti, NIcolò Zanchi, Marco Turati

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