Sport Scholar Profile | Susanna Geidne, Örebro University


  • Ph.D., Senior lecturer in Sport science, Associate professor in Public Health at the Division of Sport science


  • Örebro University, School of Health Sciences, Division of Sport science, 701 82 Örebro
  • Phone: +46(0)19-30 21 76
  • E-mail

Research interests

My research interest focuses on practice-based health promotion research with sports (in a broad sense) as an arena. This includes methodologically diverse research on health promoting sports clubs (HPSC) based on different starting points, levels and target groups. The research is often conducted in cooperation with public health, NGO:s, schools and sports practitioners.

I am a part of the research team ReShape as well as co-leading the international HPSC-network. I am also involved in the Swedish research school SMOVE (Sustainable Movement Education) as well as the Sustainable Sport Management Education and Research group.

Selected publications

Geidne, S. & Van Hoye, A. (2021). Health Promotion in Sport, through Sport, as an Outcome of Sport, or Health-Promoting Sport: What Is the Difference? International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, 18 (17).
Geidne, S. & Quennerstedt, M. (2021). Youth Perspectives on What Makes a Sports Club a Health-Promoting Setting: Viewed through a Salutogenic Settings-Based Lens. International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, 18 (14).
Geidne, S., Kokko, S., Lane, A., Ooms, L., Vuillemin, A., Seghers, J., Koski, P. , Kudlacek, M. & et al. (2019). Health Promotion Interventions in Sports Clubs: Can We Talk About  a Setting-Based Approach?: A  Systematic Mapping Review. Health Education & Behavior, 46 (4), 592-601.
Geidne, S. (2019). Organisering av ideellt arbete: En studie om hur det ideella arbetet organiseras i projektfinansierade av Arvsfonden 2016–2019. Stockholm: Allmänna Arvsfonden.
Geidne, S. & Jerlinder, K. (2016). How sports clubs include children and adolescents with disabilities in their activities. A systematic search of peer-reviewed articles. Sport Science Review, XXV (1-2), 29-52.
Van Hoye, A., Geidne, S., Seghers, J., Lane, A., Donaldson, A., Philpott, M. & Kokko, S. (2022). Health Promotion in Sports Settings. In: Sami Kokko, Michelle Baybutt, Handbook of Settings-Based Health Promotion (pp. 189-204). Cham: Springer Nature.
McCuaig, L., Carroll, T., Geidne, S. & Okade, Y. (2020). The interdisciplinary challenge: Preparing teacher educators and teachers to span knowledge, organizational and international boundaries. In: Ann MacPhail; Hal A. Lawson, School Physical Education and Teacher Education: Collaborative Redesign for the 21st Century. Routledge.



Published 2022-06-04


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