Sport Scholar Profile | Magnus Ferry, University of Umeå


  • Ph.D., Sport science, Associate professor at the Department of Education


  • Department of Education, Umeå University, 901 87 Umeå
  • Telephone +46 (0)90-786 53 09
  • E-mail

Research interests

In my research, I am interested in the socialisation processes through which individuals is formed and the changes in social, cultural, and historical circumstances in which these processes are embedded. My research is focused on different parts of the field of sports and are mainly based on quantitative data. Some of the research projects I am involved in are:

  • Physical Education teacher’s perceptions of the subject and profession.
  • Physical Education teacher student’s practical knowledge development
  • Sport Participation in Sweden
  • Sports-profiled educations
  • Sports’ education, talent, and selection system

Selected publications

Ferry, M., & Romar, J-E. (2020). Physical education preservice teachers’ physical activity habits and perceptions of the profession and subject: development during teacher education. Journal of Physical Education and Sport, 20 (Supplement issue 6), 3108-3119.
Romar. J-E., & Ferry, M. (2020). The Influence of a Methods Course in Physical Education on Preservice Classroom Teachers’ Acquisition of Practical Knowledge. Journal of teaching in physical education, 39(3), 374-383.
Fahlén, J., & Ferry, M. (2018). Sports participation in Sweden. In K. Green, T. Sigurjónsson & E. Å. Skille (Red.). Sport in Scandinavia and the Nordic Countries (p. 136-172). Abingdon: Taylor & Francis
Ferry, M. (2018). Physical education preservice teachers’ perceptions of the subject and profession: development during 2005-2016. Physical Education and Sport Pedagogy, 23(4), 358-370.
Romar, J-E., Åström, P., & Ferry, M. (2018). Practical knowledge of preservice physical education teachers: Content and influence of acculturation. Journal of Physical Education and Sport, 18(1), 114 – 126.
Söderström, T., Fahlén, J., Ferry, M., Yu, J. (2018). Athletic ability in childhood and adolescence as a predictor of participation in non-elite sports in young adulthood. Sport in Society, 21(11), 1686-1703.


Talentudvikling og elitesport i skolen Jens Christian Nielsen & Jesper Stilling Olesen Århus: Aarhus Universitetsforlag 2019 (book review in Swedish, published 201102)

Published 2021-05-05

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