Sport Marketing Quarterly, Volume 29, 2020, Issue 4

An Inquiry into the Effectiveness of an In-Game Sponsorship Activation Experience on Sponsorship Awareness and Share of Wallet
Thomas M. Hickman

Investigating Sport Fan Attitudes Toward Tanking: The Role of Values-Based Connections
K. Damon Aiken, Ajay Sukhdial, Richard M. Campbell Jr. and Aubrey Kent

The Effect of Attribution on Athlete Scandals: Consumer Responses Toward Scandalized Athletes and Endorsements
Daehwan Kim, Yong Jae Ko, Joon Sung Lee, Shintaro Sato

Team Identification and Negotiation: A Mediated-Moderation Model of Constraints, Motivation, and Sport Consumption
Kevin K. Byon, Carolina Alves de Lima Salge, Thomas A. Baker III, Charles W. Jones

Exploring the Explicit and Implicit Appeal of Retro Sport Logos
Brendan Dwyer, Zach Scola, Joris Drayer

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