Sport Marketing Quarterly, Volume 28, 2019, Issue 1

Development and Assessment of a Scale to Measure Daily Fantasy Sport Motives
Ryan W. Kota, Charles Reid, Jeffrey D. James and Amy Chan Hyung Kim

The Impact of Self-Continuity on Fans’ Pride and Word-of-Mouth Recommendations: The Moderating Effects of Team Performance and Social Responsibility Associations
Mark Jaewon Chang, Daniel P. Connaughton, Ilyoung Ju, Jihye Kim and Joon-Ho Kang

“No” Is Not “Low”: Improving the Assessment of Sport Team Identification
Jeffrey D. James, Elizabeth B. Delia and Daniel L. L. Wann

Understanding Consumer Behaviors in Virtual Golf: Differences in Leisure Constraints
Chulhwan Choi, T. Christopher Greenwell, Mary A. Hums and Marion E. Hambrick

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