Sport Management Review, Volume 23, 2020, Issue 4

Reviews and Theoretical Advances

A community capacity building approach to sport-based youth development
Gareth J. Jones, Michael B. Edwards, Jason N. Bocarro, Per G. Svensson, Katie Misener
Pages 563-575

Design archetype utility for understanding and analyzing the governance of contemporary national sport organizations
Russell Hoye, Milena M. Parent, Marijke Taks, Michael L. Naraine, Benoit Séguin, Ashley Thompson
Pages 576-587

Research Articles

Creating sense of presence in a virtual reality experience: Impact on neurophysiological arousal and attitude towards a winter sport
Jun-Phil Uhm, Hyun-Woo Lee, Jin-Wook Han
Pages 588-600

The conceptualization of racial tasking: Uncovering the (un)intended consequences
Trevor Bopp, Joshua D. Vadeboncoeur, Robert Turick
Pages 601-614

Understanding sport event volunteers’ continuance intention: An environmental psychology approach
Heetae Cho, Chunxiao Li, Yandan Wu
Pages 615-625

The role of mindfulness and occupational stress in the goal orientations of development and winning
Ye Hoon Lee
Pages 626-639

Leader prototypicality in sport: The implicit leadership theories of women and men entering sport management careers
Steve Swanson, Jon Billsberry, Aubrey Kent, James Skinner, Jacqueline Mueller
Pages 640-656

Antecedents and outcomes of social innovation: A global study of sport for development and peace organizations
Per G. Svensson, Fredrik O. Andersson, Tara Q. Mahoney, Jae-Pil Ha
Pages 657-670

Strong intentions but diminished impact: Following up with former participants in a sport for development and peace setting
Adam Cohen, Elizabeth Taylor, Stephanie Hanrahan
Pages 671-687

Money matters: The impact of prize money on doping behaviour
Daniel Westmattelmann, Marius Sprenger, Sascha Hokamp, Gerhard Schewe
Pages 688-703

“I’m a completely different person now”: Extraordinary experiences and personal transformations in sport
Amy Rundio, Marlene A. Dixon, Bob Heere
Pages 704-718

Fan empathy as a response to athlete transgressions
Kate Westberg, Constantino Stavros, Francis Farrelly, Aaron C.T. Smith
Pages 719-735

Open access
Determinants of non-profit sports clubs’ perceived competition from commercial sports providers
Lea Rossi, Christoph Breuer, Svenja Feiler
Pages 736-749

Conscious capitalism and sport: Exploring higher purpose in a professional sport organization
Evan Gwartz, Kirsty Spence
Pages 750-763

Rethinking segmentation within the psychological continuum model using Bayesian analysis
Bradley J. Baker, James Du, Mikihiro Sato, Daniel C. Funk
Pages 764-775

Book Reviews

The 5C Leader: Exceptional Leadership Practices for Extraordinary Times, J.W. Weese. Archway Publishing, Bloomington, IL, USA (2018), RRP $US17.99 ISBN-978-1-4808-6505-1 (paperback), 246 pages. The text is also available in hardcover and as an e-book (on Amazon)
Ryan Clutterbuck
Pages 776-777

Seeking the senses in physical culture: Sensuous scholarship in action, A.C. Sparkes (Ed.). Routledge, New York (2017), £88,00 (hardback) ISBN: 9781138100589, £29,59 (paperback) ISBN: 9781138351004
Karolina Eszter Kovács
Pages 778-779

The sport business handbook: Insights from 100+ leaders who shaped 50 years of the industry, Rick Horrow, Rick Burton, Myles Schrag (Eds.). Human Kinetics, Champaign, IL (2019), 408, ISBN: 978-1-4925-4310-7
Jana Nová
Pages 780-781

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