Sport Management Review, Volume 23, 2020, Issue 3

Research Articles

Does it really matter? A study on soccer fans’ perceptions of ethical leadership and their role as “stakeowners”
Bram Constandt, Milena M. Parent, Annick Willem
Pages 374-386

Charity sport event participants and fundraising: An examination of constraints and negotiation strategies
Kevin Filo, David Fechner, Yuhei Inoue
Pages 387-400

Market reactions to sport sponsorship announcements: Comparison between sponsors and their rivals
Yuta Hino, Fumiko Takeda
Pages 401-413

The blurry spectrums of team identity threat
Aaron C. Mansfield, Elizabeth B. Delia, Matthew Katz
Pages 414-427

Creating fans from scratch: A qualitative analysis of child consumer brand perceptions of a new sport team
Katherine R.N. Reifurth, Henry T. Wear, Bob Heere
Pages 428-442

Television match officials, referees, and home advantage: Evidence from the European Rugby Cup
Peter Dawson, Patrick Massey, Paul Downward
Pages 443-454

The role of organizational membership in overcoming dissonant sport activity identities
Christine E. Wegner, Ceridwyn King, Jeremy S. Jordan
Pages 455-468

Old and exciting? Sport sponsorship effects on brand age and brand personality
Christoph Hohenberger, Reinhard Grohs
Pages 469-481

Responses to multi-level institutional complexity in a national sport federation
Loïc Pedras, Tracy Taylor, Stephen Frawley
Pages 482-497

The en/gendering of volunteering: “I’ve pretty much always noticed that the tail runner is always female”
Annette Stride, Hayley Fitzgerald, Alexandra Rankin-Wright, Luke Barnes
Pages 498-508

The determinants of stadium attendance in elite women’s football: Evidence from the UEFA Women’s Champions League
Maurizio Valenti, Nicolas Scelles, Stephen Morrow
Pages 509-520

The role of facial attractiveness in tennis TV-viewership
Helmut Dietl, Anil Özdemir, Andrew Rendall
Pages 521-535

An exploration of young professional football players’ perceptions of the talent development process in England
Tom Webb, Matt Dicks, Daniel J. Brown, Jimmy O’Gorman
Pages 536-547

Valuing elite sport success using the contingent valuation method: A transnational study
Hiroaki Funahashi, Simon Shibli, Popi Sotiriadou, Jarmo Mäkinen, Bake Dijk, Veerle De Bosscher
Pages 548-562

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